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Tropical Splendour

Maxie Department Stores

Published:Sunday | August 20, 2017

We often hear of the power of a good lipstick, and how it can instantly brighten a woman's face and her spirits. Shouldn't the same be said about wearing vibrant and happy colours? Before Pantone tells us what the colour of 2018 will be in December, before fashion forecasters tell us what we should be wearing for the holiday season, isn't it just exciting to have fun with fashion, right now? While I will always appreciate a crisp, white cotton dress, and the balancing effect of subtle nudes which tone down brights, let us embrace happy prints before we start reading about dazzling jewel tones, 100 shades of green, sombre browns and oranges of autumn.

Studies have shown that wearing bright colours can lift our moods, and with Usain Bolt retiring from track and field, and painstakingly watching the World news, I'd say we all need a little boost in our spirits.

In some metropolitan cities, we notice a gravitation to the security of black and grey during the fall and winter seasons - no doubt due to the grey skies and frigid temperatures, but also for the hustle and bustle they represent.

As islanders, we are blessed with clear blue skies, warm temperatures, the expansive Caribbean Sea, our lush greenery and beautiful tropical flowers. Inspiration is everywhere, and subsequently isn't that the truest essence of the Caribbean? To be relaxed, comfortable and cheerful?

Make these outfits fit your spirit as we explore tropical splendour.


Creative director and stylist: Natalia Oh

Photographer: Gladstone Taylor

Model: Renee Cooper

Student and competitive swimmer for UWI


Maxie Department Stores

7 Locations islandwide

Shoot Location: Nicole's On the Waterfront

Phone: 616-4267

19 Debbie Avenue, Edgewater, Portmore

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