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Christmas Time-Quality Family Time

Maxie Department Stores

Christmas is around the corner, and it's a good time to reflect on what makes the season so special - family. Quality family time, to be exact. These three words are so simple but profound, and they can make everyday life special. Time spent doing the seemingly mundane can eventually become treasured memories. Sometimes parents can get so consumed in raising a 'successful' child who is running between extra lessons and extra-curricular activities, that they overlook the significance of spending quality time together.

Day-to-day living, rushing between meetings, chores, deadlines, and the harsh realities which sometimes face us, can all be daunting. It is up to us to forge ahead with making the most of family time. Quality family time is important for building self-esteem in children, creating bonds, nurturing positive behaviour, creating memories and even relieving stress.

The simple things like making a meal together, getting in touch with your teenagers through something they enjoy, and getting involved in a sporting activity to release tension, are practical steps to forge that quality time. Have a game night, free from all tech devices, where the focus is on laughter and team spirit. Get in touch with elderly parents. A simple phone call can be so significant, especially with ageing parents.

Keeping in touch with relatives both far and near should be easier with the advent of social media. However, don't underestimate the charm and value of sending handwritten cards.

Here's hoping you can slow down this season and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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- Clothing, accessories and home decor accents: Maxie Department Stores

- Seven locations islandwide; ig: @MaxieStores @Maxie_Kingston

- Photographer: Franz Marzouca

- Creative director & stylist: Natalia Oh @imajumaican

- Professional models: Sara Webley, Daniel Edwards, ReneÈ Cooper & Kyle Palmer

- Shot on location at The Marina Village:

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