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Red Hot For Valentine's Day

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2016 | The Jamaica Gleaner

Going out at night on Valentine's Day is the ultimate date night - an evening to dine, celebrate your partner, and create lasting romantic memories.

But, alas, the big question on every woman's mind is always 'what do I wear?'. Women all over scramble to find the perfect little number which will send shivers down the spines of their significant others.

As clichÈ as it may seem to wear red on Valentine's Day, there is a reason this rosy hue dominates on this special day designated for love and romance.

For centuries, red has been associated with passion and eroticism. Psychologists at the University of Rochester have proven that wearing red makes women seem more attractive and desirable to men. They also concluded that men are unaware of the role colour plays in their attraction.

While some women opt for daring reds, others specifically choose not to wear red on Valentine's Day, so they won't blend in. Timeless black will surely stand out in a sea of red. There's a saying that 'When a woman stands out in a red dress, you remember the dress, when a woman stands out in a black dress, you remember the woman.'

Have no fear, ladies. Black or red, you're sure to make an impact in any of these options. We have you covered ... or barely, if you so choose.

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