21 February 2017

Smile. You look better when you smile.

 Smile more, worry less.
This is my new mantra and I’m sticking to it.

Hi everyone!
Hope you’re doing great! I'ts a cold and gloomy day in Kingston city, but I’m not complaining. The heat can be so overbearing, that I love it when it gets cold. It makes me miss Mandeville too, life seems to slow down in Mandeville, no traffic and no chaos.

Got this denim jacket from MAXIE DEPARTMENT STORES last year and I have worn and washed it so many times and I’m still impressed with the brightness of the blue. Gotta love good denim. Check them out on instagram @MaxieStores and @Maxie_Kingston

Have a great day!
Keep smiling

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1 comment:

  1. Love the denim jacket, but especially that beautiful hat.