16 February 2017

Natalie Murray's 3 Day Detox

Hi Everyone!

I met Natalie Murray over a year ago when I featured her story for the Jamaica Gleaner in an article befittingly titled Natalie Murray Does it All. I've since ran into Natalie dropping her kids off to school, early mornings for coffee at CPJ, a few corporate launches and watched her blaze fitness retreats over Jamaica. Then, as a stark contrast, I would see a hot photo of her on facebook at the occasional soca party- she does love her soca. I think what that taught me, is that Natalie understands balance. A working mother, who gave up her VP banking career to become an entrepreneur doing what she loves. Whizzing by the coffee shop, Natalie greets everyone by their first names, chirping 'Good Morning!' Anyone new to her will look in amazement and say ‘I want what she’s on’.    

We’ve all heard by now about the benefits of green eating and detoxes, we’ve either caught a snippet of Dr.Oz on TV or seen some social media post about eating green, healthy living yadda yadda yadda… if you’re like me, you’re like 'who has TIME for all of that?' I’m always looking on these posts with a side eye. But, thankfully common sense will kick in as I know the best investment I can ever make is in my health.

People who eat better and take care of their health seem to always give off better energies, and shucks I wanted some of that joy Natalie was always on. So I asked her about her detoxes (she has a few) you can check them out here, but being who I am, I wanted the quickest and easiest one- so I chose her 3 day detox.


A deep cleansing detox will reboot your health by cleansing the body of toxins and not only is weight loss inevitable, as you’ll lose excess fluid, but a cleanse will also reset your energy, improve your concentration and clear up skin issues.

Natalie's 3 Day detox is simple, stripped away from all the fuss that some programs come with. She creates a menu and coaches us along a path to a healthier lifestyle. This was the first attempt at meal prep on a Sunday, and who knew I could be so organized? As I chopped and prepared my veggies that Sunday, listening to youtube videos, a sense of pride came over me for the care I was taking of my body. I was beginning to feel happy and fulfilled. The detox suggested giving up coffee, but I wasn't even trying to hear that. She compromised and said 'Ok, you can have one cup a day'.

DAY 1 Bright and early my 5 fresh smoothies were promptly delivered to my home. I loved this convenience, there was no worry about what or when to eat for the day, as everything was clearly outlined in the manual and Natalie was only a message away to answer questions. What I enjoyed about the detox was the simplicity of the program. Every juice and smoothie tasted delicious made of organic, local produce and surprisingly didn't have that dreaded after-taste.

DAY 2 I was impressed how filling the juices were because I was full by the time I got to drink #4 out of 5. Natalie's program also encourages a good night’s sleep and her sleepy water concentrate worked wonders. I've used this tart cherry concentrate before and recommended it to other friends. It is loaded with antioxidants and known to reduce blood sugar and used for exercise recovery. I loved it for the gentle sleep it gave me, allowing me to wake up fresh, not groggy like some sleep aids can cause.

DAY 3 I was really missing my evening glass of wine, and sneaked one in... shhhhh. But barring that, I was pretty good and stuck to the program, and I'm the biggest wimp. I consumed more fruits and veggies in those 3 days than I did last year in totality - and I was proud. I was also very bubbly and energized with less sinus problems.

The juices/smoothies were delivered in glass jars, because plastic containers are never a good idea. 
Some persons have boasted up to a 6lb weight loss in the three days, I lost about 4 lbs, 1 inch on my waist and my face was a less puffy. That was great and all, but the greatest thing I achieved was that my sons now reach for broccoli florets and vegetable dip as a snack when they go to the refrigerator. Because let's face it, when Mom is on a diet/detox the whole house is on one too. They’ll thank me later.

Finally I'd like to mention the affordability of the program that even a single mother like myself could afford it. I plan on maintaining the habits I have developed on the path to good health, and I hope you too will make the investment in yourself and your health. Contact Natalie Murray on her website or give her a call 876-454-7557.

Drop a comment below, let me know if you’ve done anything like this before and what you hated or loved about it! It’s good to be writing again. Thanks for sticking around.


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