21 February 2017

Smile. You look better when you smile.

 Smile more, worry less.
This is my new mantra and I’m sticking to it.

Hi everyone!
Hope you’re doing great! I'ts a cold and gloomy day in Kingston city, but I’m not complaining. The heat can be so overbearing, that I love it when it gets cold. It makes me miss Mandeville too, life seems to slow down in Mandeville, no traffic and no chaos.

16 February 2017

Natalie Murray's 3 Day Detox

Hi Everyone!

I met Natalie Murray over a year ago when I featured her story for the Jamaica Gleaner in an article befittingly titled Natalie Murray Does it All. I've since ran into Natalie dropping her kids off to school, early mornings for coffee at CPJ, a few corporate launches and watched her blaze fitness retreats over Jamaica. Then, as a stark contrast, I would see a hot photo of her on facebook at the occasional soca party- she does love her soca. I think what that taught me, is that Natalie understands balance. A working mother, who gave up her VP banking career to become an entrepreneur doing what she loves. Whizzing by the coffee shop, Natalie greets everyone by their first names, chirping 'Good Morning!' Anyone new to her will look in amazement and say ‘I want what she’s on’.    

15 February 2017

Lessons I've Learned Turning 40

Hi Everyone!
What better way to restart this blog than with a reflective article which was shared with the world over a month ago in the Jamaica Gleaner 's Outlook Magazine.... seemed like a great time to start writing here again... hope you enjoy it.

As my impending 40th birthday drew closer, I started to panic and thought, wow 40- how did this happen? I won't deny that there were tears, a new year was upon us and with it new resolutions and high hopes. Not only was it a new year, but for me it was also a new decade, and I was also going through a broken heart. But- I prayed to The Lord, sought and embraced solitude, did some reading, and alas I was restored with hope.

So what if I was single at 40, so what if I was a single mom, many before me had done that, many after me will. After trying out many catchy ways to announce my 40th birthday, 'twenty plenty' '30 plus ' and other equal duds, my friend Andy Svoboda said, 'You know what would be great Natalie? How about turning 40 gracefully?'. Well that didn't occur to me one bit. But he was right, and after some quiet reflection I thought that's how I would turn 40 - gracefully.

A new leaf was turning over, a rebirth if you will. This would be my season of intentional living.

I am not a guru, nor a motivational speaker and I don’t consider myself an authority on many things, but I have lived an interesting life in my 40 years, and I thought why not jot down some of the things I have learned along the way, and here we are....