15 August 2014

Just me...

If there ever was a look that embodied everything that I stood for in fashion, it would be this one... 

Sequin lover: Ideally for the 'Holiday season' but I am a girly girl and I thrive on mixing glam with grunge, I love the paradoxical play. I also love black because it looks good on me. Luckily it is a colour that is timeless- and always seems so powerful and in control. It also says I am not chasing trends, but that I'm dressing for my body type.

Black blazer: I have gained back weight over the summer so the cropped blazer covers my arms and made me more comfortable, hence more at ease and therefore happy.  Listen the art of dressing well is being comfortable. Don't get me wrong, that waist trimmer I had under the bodysuit was VERY uncomfortable but I that was only for the shoot ... I can't pull off wearing a waist trimmer out to an actual event and expect to be happy. 

 DIY jeans: though some lightly distressed high waist jeans would have been better with this look, I am on a tight budget, so I wore what I had- and decided not to buy anything new. There's no need to go crazy buying everything new ladies, just reinvent what you already own. I'm the Frugal fashionista

Leopard shoes: com'n I know I love leopard too much, but the rose gold in the body suit needed the browns in leopard to anchor the look ☺️ the sturdy round toe shoes gave me the height and balance I needed. I wish Steve Madden would make this shoe style in other colours- as I have them all. I stick with what works for me. Creature for habit.

Red lips: Can be dated sometimes, but I always feel glammed up and it wakes up my face, I used MAC's Cherry liner then topped with Orange from Jordanna and topped with MAC's Morange in the centre. I went more on trend with the winged liner and the glitter underliner for a quick makeup update. Cut to today, where it seems I had an allergic reaction to the glitter or gold liner.:(

Vintage: the black purse- I think we should always add something vintage to your look, I've said it before, it adds interest to your look, also it is a conversation piece and prevents everyone from looking the same. 

That's it- what do you guys think?

PHOTOS BY: Christal-Ann Thomson 


  1. You look stunning!! Love this look, everything about it!! Jeans are a great fit!!

  2. You look stunning!! Love everything about this look!! Jeans are a great fit!!

  3. Love this look...and welcome back.

  4. You look amazing and this look is perfect.

  5. this was a nice read "frugal fashionista" i love it, you look gorgeous too.