11 June 2014

Sweater and Denim Cut-Offs

"If you must look back, 
do so forgivingly. 
If you must look forward, 
do so prayerfully.
However, the wisest thing you can do is 
be present in the present... 

Dr. Maya Angelou

Hi Everyone! 
This lightweight sweater features a round neck with a floral vegan leather panel at front. I love the leather done in a delicate design, tough but still very soft- which is how I like to mix up things when I get dressed.
I can see myself wearing this sweater with a cobalt blue pencil skirt and some strappy dainty heels- stay tuned for the remix ;)  admittedly this could be seen more as a fall sweater, but I love black and I will only stop wearing black when they make a darker colour ;) this look is perfect for a girls night out!

Necklace: Club Monaco (old) - Shoes: Steve Madden
* * *
Sweater and Shorts: 
Shop #18b
Leaders Plaza - Mdvl - 

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 I've been listening to Joyce Meyer Podcasts and French classical music which helps to soothe my soul; what do you listen to to calm your spirit? 

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  1. Natalie, this is one gorgeous wardrobe! Love your shoes and your legs. Heehee. Well, I listen most of the time to my favorite musicians called, Hanson. :) Btw, I sent you an email. I hope you got it, or just check your spam folder. Blog more, okay? Kisses from Manila. <3

  2. Tooooooo hot! Lolol. Love the outfit... If only I had legs to show!!