29 May 2014

Brick red and navy

I think about the good things I have in my life: 
from family and friends, 
from food and shelter,
to work I truly love, 
to a body that allows me to move through a world so incredibly amazing and ...
I can't believe how lucky I am to be alive! 
- Leo Babauto - 

27 May 2014

Blushing Coral

 'Some day we will find what we are looking for -
or maybe we won't. 
Maybe we will find something much greater than that'

Hey everyone, 
turns out I do remember to compile a blog post ;) 
Summer is here already and midriff season is almost upon us * cringe * time to dust off those gym clothes and lay off the bread. 
I liked the pairing of this soft skirt and anchored with the caramel browns in the wrap vegan leather belt and the textured suede clutch. 
Went with the pearl spike necklace to add a little edge to a soft palette.

Skirt - Top - Bag- Jewelry:
2 Perth Road
Brumalia Towne Centre
(876) 340-6796

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Hello, I'm back

Wow, I missed you guys.... thanks for sticking around....stay tuned ;)

Natalia Oh!