25 November 2013

Vintage Scarf Print & Houndstooth

Hey everyone! 

Here is the vintage shorts post! haha :) thanks for sticking around with this blog, I am by far not the best blogger, and I appreciate you guys for sticking around with me. I know my friend, the blog queen KTRStlye posted that she took up blogging years ago and stopped after a little while, and then last year she picked it back up. I wonder what causes bloggers to lose their drive after a while? So many blogs have succumbed to the instant access of instagram, hopefully I can figure out what direction this blog is taking, sooner than later.

That been said, I have a new post! Yes! here it is, I went shopping in my mother's wardrobe a couple months back hehe and scored this silk shorts in this beautiful scarf print and hounds tooth design! Whoot! Whoot! seriously, am I too old to be saying whoot! whoot!?- someone give me some feedback on that, please.

attention to detail... I love good buttons
Occupational hazard?
Silk Top: Forever 21 / Shoes: Bebe / 

 [ PHOTOS BY: Sophia Samantha ]

I like adding vintage pieces to my ensembles because they add character and uniqueness to what I'm wearing. The pieces usually come with a little story too, in this case the story is my mom's who reminisced that she had the top to go with these shorts and that she couldn't remember where they went; but most likely I had something to do with their disappearance over 20 years ago hahahah :p 

I was on TV last weekend talking about Nina Garcia's book 'One Hundred' - where I chose my top 6 wardrobe essentials out of her top 100, here's a hint, vintage was one of them. Here's the video, I look sooo fat in this one :/

Be good my darlings! xoxo thanks for reading.

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  1. Just found your blog and love it. You look fabulous dear. From one Caribbean Queen to the next....stay Fashionably Fabulous.
    Natasha B of www.fashionablyfab.com