11 November 2013

Dark Florals :: Designs by Coleen Panton

Hi Everyone,
Happy Monday! Hope everyone is off to a great start checking off things off your to-do-lists and still making the time to slow down and enjoy this beautiful world around us. The weather is finally starting to cool down in Mandeville and you can always know it's getting closer to Christmas when everyone is at the paint store and buying curtains for their annual obligatory home remodeling project - Fun! Fun! Fun!

So recently, during a WPN meeting I attended with Nadine, I met the beautiful fashion designer Coleen Panton, who is a local Jamaican artist with natural talent in her craft. I am super excited to share with you one of her designs today. Coleen understands how to dress a woman's body and understands what flatters and it is quite refreshing to work with someone who can actually give you something you love with an excellent finish.

 Pants: Coleen Panton / Tank: Maxis Department Store / Hat: Aldo / Cuff: Shimmer / Belt: ASOS

[ PHOTOS By: Sophia Samantha ]

Gotta run guys! My little Dustin is home sick and I am trying to get 1 million things done while he takes a short nap. Enjoy your day!!

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