29 October 2013

Vintage Chic

‘I don’t look back, it distracts from the now’

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing great and off to a productive week. I've been doing great! my days are full of happiness and joy and it has something to do with the fact that I am doing exactly what I love. Being a writer and contributor for the National newspaper- The Gleaner, and being able to inspire women (and men) about dressing well and feeling good about themselves has been very rewarding. In the process it gives me a platform to teach anything I know and it is such a blessing- plus I get to play dress up and meet some pretty cool people ;)

I give God thanks and I am grateful for everything that I have been through in my life that has lead me to this point. The good, the bad and the in between. 

I always like to mix vintage pieces with new pieces because it adds uniqueness to my look and I think that if we adhere to this principle it prevents us from looking like we bought everything off a manequin in a store. Also, my vintage pieces all have a little story to them and the nostalgia warms my heart. These pants are by Jean Paul Gaultier and I got them when I was the manager of a thrift shop in Richmond Hill. I totally lucked out and screamed with joy when I saw them hanging for a mere $8, of course I grabbed them up. 

Here I mixed the never-fail monochromatic combo with classic pearls for softness and a snake choker to toughness. For contrast against the vintage high-waist pants I went with a sexy backless bodysuit and popped the look with a trendy metal-face spiked belt and envelope clutch. 

 Vintage Pants: Jean Paul Gaultier / Top- bodysuit: Jeng Beng (similar)
Belt: ASOS- sold out, try this
Clutch: Trendsetters Collection / Hat, snake choker and pearls: Vintage
Cuff: Shimmer, Kingston
On My Lips: Sephora Brand lip liner in Plum

  [ PHOTOS BY : M.M.M ]

These photos were taken for a magazine that I'm being featured in, but because there is a slight fault in the shots I didn't submit them, see if you can spot the problem :p Thanks to Michelle and Andy who allowed us to use their home for the location site.
Thanks for following my darlings! Also, just a reminder that I am available for image consultation, closet editing, and styling services. Don't be afraid to shoot me an email if you're interested natalieoutar@gmail.com

 Natalia Oh!
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17 October 2013

Trendsetters Collection

Hi everyone! 
Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the weekend! Yay! A long holiday weekend in Jamaica! Celebrating Heroes' Day, where we celebrate the National Heroes of Jamaica and our National Heritage. I am reminded of a quote I read recently from one of our most popular Heroes- Marcus Mosiah Garvey -

'With confidence, you have won before you have started'

  * * *

So, it was just a couple weeks ago that I walked into the new Trendsetters Collection store in Mandeville- a one-stop shop for the shoe and bag lover; I was really impressed with the excellent customer service I received there from everyone and just how knowledgeable they  were about the premium brands they carry- ranging from Milano, Land, Orli, Anne Klein, Enzo Angiolini and Nine West among others. 

I was also pleasantly surprised by their selection of fashion bags and shoes which are moderately priced for us trend seekers, who simply can't have enough ;) Also available are fragrances, jewelry, watches, lingerie, belts and men's shoes. 

Located: 3 Perth Rd Mandeville 
(Heaven's Texaco Shopping plaza) 
(876) 961-1474

Enzo Angiolini Platform Pump with faux crock skin clutches

Envelope clutches and suede platform pumps in Pantone's Dazzling Blue
Assorted coloured cross-body bags shown with Franco Sarto leather flats and Nine West wedge

Envelope clutches and box clutches in affordable man made materials

Structured box satchels by Orli  (100% Leather)
Textured Neutrals : Franco Sarto nude pump (100% leather)
Leather strappy sandals and neutral leather satchel all by Anne Klein
Leather sandals by Bandolino and Milano bag (100% leather)

Structured satchel by Orli in a bold red colour with gold hardware detail (100% leather)
Holiday gift ideas : fragrances, bags and shoes - the way to every woman's heart ;)

Studded satchels

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Have a great weekend my lovelies! The winner for the giveaway in association with Trendsetters Collection will be announced Saturday October 19. Good luck to everyone who entered! More giveaways coming soon ;) 

 Natalia Oh! 
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14 October 2013

DIY:: Fashion Redesign

 Recycle, the possibilities are endless…
Hi Everyone! 
Today I was featured in the Jamaica Gleaner on something I enjoy doing the most, redesign, making something new out of something old and unwanted. Here's the article, hope you enjoy it! 
Often times we have clothes that hang in our closets taking up space because we don't wear them, either because they are ill fitting or simply outdated. We should definitely try and be Eco-friendly by recycling these pieces through re-design or minor alterations. With a little imagination and creativity you can update pieces that you haven't worn and thus maximizing your wardrobe.  
Shortening a hem or changing buttons on a garment are small changes that pack a big punch in your wardrobe. Converting a maxi skirt to a pencil skirt is a great way to redesign something if you have a unique print and if you are able to use the sewing machine, if not, I highly recommend enlisting the help of a seamstress or a tailor to ensure a good finish. 

Patricia Henry, a Chartered Accountant, was the willing participant in showcasing these redesigns. Shown here is an empire waist dress in a beautiful scarf print design that was outdated and unflattering. With the help of a seamstress - Dawn - we were able to convert it to a skirt by removing the top part of the dress and shortening the skirt to highlight her legs.

The second dress, a linen maxi dress, she has owned over 15 years and has not worn in a couple years. She was on the verge of tossing it all together as over the years the dress shrunk during laundering and did not flatter her. We altered the top for a better fit and shortened the hem to a midi length, which is just below the knees at mid shin. This is a feminine silhouette and is appropriate in the corporate world.

If you've exhausted all the recycling channels of redesign and you are still left with pieces you aren't wearing, consider re-distribution: donating unwanted pieces to a notable charity and bless someone less fortunate.

Thanks for reading everyone, don't forget to enter the giveaway for the black satchel on my facebook page here. Also, in case you missed it, check out the video on my most recent appearance on Smile Jamaica here- where this segment on re-design was featured.  

Natalia Oh! 

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10 October 2013


Hi Everyone! 

Hope everyone is doing great, and enjoying all the good things that life has brought your way, and for those going through some rough times, I hope you know that tough times don't last, tough people do. Hang in there.

So I am so happy to be blogging again, I appreciate the love I've been getting here and on facebook and instagram and twitter! I am truly grateful for the love and support.

Today, in association with Trendsetters Collection in Mandeville, I'm giving away a beautiful black structured satchel to one lucky follower. It is a beautiful faux leather satchel with a matte black finish and gold hardware detail, suitable for work or play. 

Of course it can hold all the vital essentials that every woman carries: make-up bag, tablet, book, chocolates, wallet, and in Michelle Obama's case - a jump rope ;) What I'm trying to say is, it's big but not too big! it's just perfect for the modern day woman.  
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Valid until 12 noon EST on Oct 18, 2013 
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I'm on TVJ in the morning (Oct 11th) discussing re-design on pieces we already own; you don't want to miss it.  Drop me a line if you have any questions or any suggestions about what you'd like me to cover here. 

Thanks for reading my lovelies :) 
Natalia Oh!  

7 October 2013

DIY No Sew Hair Turban

Hi Everyone! 
It's great to be posting again, I missed blogging and I miss having this forum to share what I know, and to pass on any little tricks that I pick up along the way. I'm sharing a very simple DIY which was was featured in today's Flair Magazine in the Jamaica Gleaner.

A turban is an easy way to add glamour to an everyday outfit and is also very useful for covering up during those bad hair days or when you're in between hair appointments.

In this project, I chose a blue fabric to feature the beautiful Dazzling Blue - a peppy shade of cobalt blue which the style influencers at Pantone selected as the colour for Spring  2014. Blue is a universally flattering colour and since I've had those shorts for over a year, I figured I would feature them here; also I figured that the blue turban would be a good contrast against my dark hair.


Stretchable Fabric

  • Cut the fabric in a rectangle about 8" wide x 26"(long enough to go around your head with excess left over to tie a knot).
  • Cut a small strip of fabric. Use the strip to tie a knot where you want the centre of the turban.
  • Wrap the rectangle around your head, then knot at the nape of your neck.
  • Tuck the excess fabric under the turban.
You may add a brooch to the centre of your turban for a glamorous vintage appeal; or go bold by choosing a fabric in a punchy tribal print. Additionally, take your turban up a notch by adding embellishments with rhinestones, studs or pearls.

Shorts: Forever 21(try this) - Bodysuit: American Apparel
Belt: ASOS (try this) - Cuff and Necklace: Shimmer
Neon Clutch: Jeng Beng - Shoes: Dollhouse 
Hair and make-up : Rochele Spencer
 Rochele Spencer 
Hair Stylist & Pro Makeup Artist
find her on facebook: here
876- 354-1251 
Hair: Cutting and shaping, extensions: sew ins , bond ins, custom wigs 
Bridal, television, avant-garde, photo shoots
Lash extensions - mink and synthetic
Brow threading and shaping
Natural facials

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rochele on this shoot, and wanted to showcase her hairstyling and make-up skills (and as luck would have it her photography skills ;) with my followers. She is very easy to work with because she has a very calming spirit -future brides take note, and welcomes feedback and input. She makes home calls, which is ideal for us busy moms and because Rochele is so fashionable herself, she understands current trends and how to achieve them.   

 * * *
I've been very busy these past few weeks because a lot of new doors have been opened up for me since this blog; I am eager to share them with you but only when the time is right, and I'm truly grateful for all the endless possibilities that lie ahead. I encourage anyone who is interested in starting a blog to do! If you do launch a blog, remember to not be too hard on yourselves and also, ensure that the blog is a true reflection of who you are. Just be you. 

Thanks for reading everyone!  Please drop a comment below to let me know that I'm reaching anyone out there;  Just say hi! or sumpn! ;)