2 September 2013

There's Always That Summer That Changes You...

Hi everyone, 

Remember me? I want to apologize for not keeping up with this blog; I'm actually breaking rule #1 in Blogging 101- never start off apologizing for not blogging :/ however, I feel I must explain. You see, by nature I'm quite a private person, and running this blog forced me to open up, somehow. For the most part I tried to be selective in what I shared here as I thought it's a fashion blog so it should only be about fashion; but  it's a blog that bears my name, so that makes it quite personal.

This past summer I went through a whirlwind of emotions, some were sad, some happy and some were uncertain. For that reason I did not want to share here as I do not like to spread negativity into an already negative world.

It took the love and wise counsel from friends and family to help me out of my abyss. It may have been a phone call, a text, a retweet, a post on instagram, a hug or a thoughtful lengthy comment on my blog ;)  it helped and it is for that reason why I am writing this tonight. We should never stop listening to each other, and we should never stop sharing our stories with one another. The story of  how you've changed from victim to victor is a story that should be shared as a testimony to encourage others.

Navy maxi: Joe Fresh, old, try this , Earrings: Pianegonda , Nails: For Audrey

This was the summer, I shared too much on twitter, cried from a broken heart, lost friends, and came to terms with the reality of the socially depraved world we now live in.
This was the summer I realized that the only people I need in my life are the ones who love me no matter what and the ones I never have to censor myself around. 
This was the summer I understood the power of prayer in my life, as I have witnessed God's mercy and love in so many ways. 
This was the summer I understood the importance of solitude and how vital it is in finding yourself. 
This was the summer I read The Alchemist, and took this away:
'When each day is the same as the next, it's because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.'
This was the summer I realized that, no matter how fragile the heart is, it is the strongest and most vital for a full and complete life and it should be guarded and nurtured with equal fervour. 
I would never give anyone the power to take away heart, my love and my love for life.  

“ Love is the force that transforms and improves 

Soul of the World."
Paul Coelho

There's always that summer that changes you, I hope to bid summer adieu and welcome my favourite season of all, fall!
 Thanks for reading everyone, hope you had a great summer!

Natalia Oh! 

PS. how could I forget! this was the summer I lost what seemed like 100 lbs!! #Win That's the plus side of a breakup! lol