29 July 2013

WETswim By: Denyque

Once the sun goes down
Summer love ain’t always gonna be around
ain’t always gonna be around
ain’t always gonna be
So I write our days down…
  (Summer Love - Denyque)

Hi Everyone! 
Today I'm happy to feature the beautiful and talented songstress Denyque who has recently added Swimwear Designer to her ever growing portfolio. I am guilty of falling in love with her beautiful soul while I worked with her on The Alice in Wonderland photo shoot; such an easy going and happy person, who is proving to be quite a savvy business woman. 

Her new collection features 2 piece micro-bikinis in fun and funky prints with the all important 'scrunch butt' feature which somehow lifts and sculpts the butt- thankfully. The prints are playful and edgy at the same time, which is very much like Denyque's personality. 
She describes her new collection as 'An exclusive line designed for my girls who don't mind showing off a little bit'. I'd say! ;)  

Let us support our local designers and build brand Jamaica!


Hooked on me


Currently the pieces are only available in Jamaica, but plans for International sales are in progress, stay tuned...
 To purchase or to schedule an appointment to visit the showroom 
contact her:
Phone: 1-876-538-3296 | email her: denyque@gmail.com
Prices range from 
$37 - $45 USD.

Find WETswim: * facebook  * instagram 

* * *   
So which is your favourite? I have my eyes on Peepshow in the galaxy print ;)

Let the beach parties begin! 
Thanks for reading...
Natalia Oh!

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