3 July 2013

He's Got Style : Fola Lawson

Hi Everyone! 

So today I'm introducing you to another fine gentleman who has exquisite style.
Fola Lawson has been one of my go-to guys for style inspiration when checking out men's fashions on Instagram. His photographs are always unique, polished and artistic; they always leave me wanting more. He is one of 5 contributors to the lifestyle and fashion website www.s-gents.com short for Southern Gents; which is based on fundamentals I have only read about in books, (all the girls go awwwwwww :)  Read more below:

Tell us a little about yourself Fola, 

I am an accountant, CPA from Houston, Texas and I sometimes practice photography when I can.
Our website www.s-gents.com focuses on style, fitness tips, informative articles and inspiration on just about anything for men and women. We decided to start the blog and lifestyle brand to motivate others to not only develop a sense of style, but to become more fit, and educate others (and ourselves) about different lifestyles around the world. It’s really an all exchange forum, with something for everyone.

Where does your style inspiration come from?

My style inspiration comes from everywhere. Life, people, objects around me and everything else beautiful. I also pay attention to GQ Magazine, GQ street style slideshow (Paris, Milan, Florence, NY), and all the other great style blogs, and style instagram pages out there. 

Do you have a favourite designer?

I don’t have a favorite brand per se, it just depends on what I am looking for. I think Zara makes some incredible designs in shoes. I like Dockers for khakis, and Express for dress pants to name a few, but again, it really depends on the item. 

Where/how does one find style or becomes stylish?

I think the first step in becoming ‘stylish’ is to pay attention to stylish people around you as well as media content (magazines, websites, style pages). Then, slowly get into it by sporting a few pieces that you like, learning what works for you and that which suits your taste. It’s a trial and error process. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight, and you definitely shouldn’t be afraid. 

Were you always this stylish? Why do you think it's important for men to develop a signature style? 

I don’t think I was always stylish but I have been a style enthusiast for a while now, since my sophomore year in college. I think it is important to develop a sense of style, because it is the easiest way to really express yourself and establish a greater sense of confidence in one’s self. Most of all, we are all expected to follow rules everyday in almost every aspect in our lives. Style is one aspect where you can really take matters into your own hands and do as you please. So why not take advantage of that  liberty?

Find him: 
Website – www.s-gents.com

Facebook -  Southern Gents   | www.facebook.com/so.gents
Instagram & Twitter- @s_gents

So guys, like I said I've been following him for a while now on instagram and for the first time tonight I visited his website and was thoroughly impressed, a very good blog- check it out! 

Happy 4th of July !
to all my American friends and to the Americans at heart.
God bless the USA for the hope it offers to so many.

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