20 June 2013

Channeling Carrie

Hi Everyone, 
Here's a quick look at what I wore to my 5 year old's (Dustin's) graduation, where he graduated from kindergarten to grade 1. I'm so proud of my baby, who went to school kicking and screaming 75% of the time this year, and was still able to master the skills required to advance- Praise God! 

So this dainty little tulle skirt I've had for about 2 years, got it at Forever 21 and it has gone from fitting me to not fitting me about twice. Now that I've managed to shed some weight it now fits! #win :D I still have about 6 pounds to lose to get back to my target weight, but I'm grateful for the progress. 

In this outfit I'm channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw, except Carrie would have had curly long big hair, but I have 2 kids and I have no time for curly big hair.

Also, just know that no matter what kind of crummy day you're having, adding some matte red lipstick and high heels is the surest way to feel better- Ruby Woo is a red that flatters most women, a little drying, but the striking contrast will make up for it's shortcomings.

 Skirt: Forever 21 old- try this // Belt & Earrings: ASOS // Shoes: Previously blogged here
 On My Lips: Ruby Woo

Be happy with what you have and are,
Be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.

Tah daah! Introducing my little grad Dustin! The wholly unfiltered soul who is always the first to tell me that I look pretty when I'm all dolled up.  Bless his little heart.

Don't forget to get some lipstick today and don't forget to be fabulous! 

Natalia Oh! 



  1. Ms. Oh!,

    First and foremost, congrats to you and your little ones! I can only imagine the joy of seeing your children reach important milestones in life AND thrive while doing it. ****a sign of excellent parenting ;-).

    As for the outfits (graduation + prize day).....you always keep it fresh and interesting (in the best way ofcourse!). Looking gorgeous as usual!

    ***:Now for the part that I don't want you to publish. ****

    Hunny, whatever difficulties you're having right now in your life....think of it this way, at least it a help yuh loose weight (I know, I know, you've been busting your behind at tge gym, but nothing makes a woman maga dung soh quick other than love gone bad or Lippo!) Means this in the best way btw.

    I don't know yuh from Adam, but I can tell you're a lovely human being, great personality and have a lovely heart. Some men simply aren'nt equipped emotionally or mentally to to handle that. Don't know your situation but you WILL be ok. Sometimes you just have to say "Fuck it!" (& be even more fabulous while sayin it). I always like to tell myself: When life gives you hurdles, if yuh can't jump over them, then shit you better get down on all fours and crawl underneath them! Nuh watch nuh face, keep it moving at all cost.

    And if you still feel a bit down on some days, just remember that there are so many women out there that YOU inspire on a daily basis. YOU inspire us to be resourceful, creative, and authentic! Remember that we will always appreciate YOU.

    Stay fabulous, deary ;-)

    Xoxox Michali

  2. Aw! Your son is so cute! Congrats to you and him! I love your skirt! So glad it fits you! And as someone who has big curly hair naturally I can say, it's highly overrated anyway.

  3. Awwww he's such a little cutie pie. Great combination as usual. I should raid your closet

  4. What a gorgeous little boy. Congratulations to him, and as ever, you look amazing :)

    PS: My mum saw me leading your blog, and said ''What a stunning girl''. :)

  5. Your son is adorable!! You look pretty!!