9 May 2013

The Women's Prosperity Network Invites You...

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're enjoying your week, and hanging around just a little longer for the weekend to begin. Yay! to being a mother this weekend! I get to relax on Sunday and read my magazines, who am I kidding? I'll be on instagram ;) 

 I want to introduce you to The Women's Prosperity Network (WPN) which, simply put is a network of women whose mission is to build up and help each other professionally and personally. I sometimes feel we're living in a world which seems like everyone is out for themselves and just trying to one up each other, that, it is always refreshing to find a group - of women- no less, where their main objective is to lift each other up and see prosperity rise. 

 My friend Nadine Sinclair has been asked to lead the Jamaican Chapter, in her own words she states: "I’m honored to bring the power of WPN to the women of Jamaica.  This is an opportunity for us to connect and share ideas as we grow with a commitment to living our best lives.”

 Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN Global) is an organization that is redefining networking and professional development for women. WPN provides a community filled with business development tools, self-mastery resources, and is designed to develop trusted connections. This combination has proven to be the winning formula for our members. This is not just another women’s networking group.  This is a true network of like-minded and like-spirited women coming together to live their best lives!


Wednesday May 15

 OMG Restaurant and Coffee Bar
Cobblestone Professional Centre
1a Brumalia Road, Mandeville, Jamaica
(962-6529, 962-7251)

  TIME: 6pm-8pm

COST:USD $5.00  (Payable at the door )  

 Light refreshments will be offered.
RSVP:   By clicking HERE 

The event will be hosted by Nadine and will introduce you to the WPN Network and it promises to be an empowering and motivating experience for all of us. 
  Please mark it on your calendars.

 * * *

Also, if you haven't already heard the Gleaner Lifestyle is running an amazing 
* GIVEAWAY * on their facebook page, please check it out if you're in Jamaica. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


Natalia Oh! 


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