19 March 2013

She's Got Style! : Tamara Chloe

Hi Everyone! 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far :) Today I'm introducing you to a beautiful and fashionable blogger Tamara Chloe - who is another entry in my 'She's Got Style' series. 

Tamara hails from the Netherlands and embraces vibrant colours with whimsical sophistication. I've been following her for a while on Instagram and I am always amazed at how beautiful she looks in her perfectly styled photographs; it was no surprise to learn that she is such a respected blogger because she takes every detail into thought.

Read more and learn in my interview what inspires this fashionista... 

Tamara Chloe 


Where are you from Tamara? tell us a little about yourself: 

I am from and based in Amsterdam The Netherlands, a very small but nice and safe country. The people out here are one of the most open minded people in the world I think. I have travelled a lot and lived in London and Los Angeles; I still miss LA, especially the warm temperatures because it has been freezing in The Netherlands for five months now, so you can imagine!


Your profile says that you are a mother/blogger; how has blogging affected your life on a whole?

Being a mom has and will always be the biggest challenge in life. I have been lucky though!
My son has always been a dream and such a great kid! He is actually very proud of me blogging and being creative like this and of course I am very proud of him too!

Ever since I started blogging it has opened doors for me I never even thought possible. Meeting other inspiring bloggers, being able to work with young and upcoming designers and starting to learn about photography has been a gift! I started blogging about a year ago, but so much has happened for me already!
I love it and I am so looking forward what this year will bring me! I am determined to get better and better at what I do. Every new post is a learning experience! From the outfit styling, to the photography to learning how to apply my make up better. I have so much respect for all the beauty bloggers. It is an truly an art form too lol. To me blogging is addicting which is a good thing. It keeps me going. I hope I can keep inspiring people by sharing what I love- Fashion.

How would you describe your style? 
 I would describe my personal style as very colorful, I can not live without color and you will rarely see me wearing anything without any color! 
My style is a mix of classy chic, glamorous, a little edgy with always a very feminine feel, I like colorful looks with clean lines and beautiful detail. I love prints and mixing of fabrics. I love transforming classic wear  into something modern and making it look fresh and trendy. I am so glad classic styles like peplums, A-lines, sixties dresses, classic trench coats are back in style haha :)

Who are your style icons?   
My style Icons are  the great Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and of course the amazing, Coco Chanel. Their timeless chic I have always adored since I was a child! I also love Carrie from Sex and the city, Halle Berry, Katherine Zeta Jones,and Nicole Scherzingers,or even Gwen Stephani's edgy and daring style just to name a few. Oh! my list is endless!

When did you realize that you had a passion for fashion?
I realized I had a passion for fashion ever since I was a little girl like around 6 years old. I was always carefully picking my clothes the night before I had to go to school. I would pick out a dress, matching shoes or pair shirts and skirts.The funny thing is I would put everything neatly on a chair next to my bed, ready for wearing first thing I would wake up. It really made my day.

What is currently your favourite trend?  

Without a doubt the black and white striped trend! I am obsessed with it,of course I always add color lol

What is your favourite accessory? 
My favorite accessory would be definitely be stacks of bracelets, gold, silver sparkly rhinestones, and beautiful colored stones...I feel naked without anything on my arms.

What is your favourite make-up product? 

My favorite make up product ...mmmm I would say is my Bobbi Brown loose face powder number 3 golden orange! It always lifts the color of  my complexion (I have yellow undertones) and it gives it a great glow, it is non cakey and looks so natural and totally reduces shine without looking too dry...I can't live without it.

Thanks for hearing my story and thanks Natalia for this great honor!

I think we can all agree that Tamara is a woman who is passionate about fashion and her happiness exudes through her responses. Check out this post for some inspiration on a pretty Spring outfit and this one if you're looking for a little rock chic glam.  
contact her: blog - twitter - instagram
Thanks for reading everyone!
Natalia Oh! 


  1. Great interview! Tamara got style indeed, love her blog and her cheerful soul! Kisses! xo

  2. Nice interview! Tamara is so pretty with a amazing style! Unbelievable that's she's yet a mother! xoxo

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