1 February 2013

Green On The Scene

 Hi Everyone! 

Yes, I'm gonna just gloss over the fact that I didn't post yesterday :p and I would appreciate it if you glossed over it too ;) I went into Kingston yesterday for a photo shoot for RISQ Magazine, I'm being featured in their next issue about my blog award, pretty cool huh? After the shoot I met with my dear friend Shelly at CRU Rooftop Bar to celebrate her recent birthday.

We were all impressed with the decor and the impeccable service from the wait staff. I loved the background music, the appetizers were good (needs some tweaking) and the wine was delicious! My first time having the Cabernet by Sledgehammer, gotta say the name made me try it. I'm no wine expert but it was soooo goooood! 
I was quite disappointed that there was no dessert for us to celebrate with. Huh? say what? no dessert?! I was crushed. I hope they can amend that oversight considering the setting is perfect for birthday parties.

I would highly recommend that you visited CRU and make sure to try the wine! ;)

Top: Try this // Wet Leggings : ASOS //  Shoes : Guess // Hair & Nails : Just Imagine

Trying out the side part, what do you think?

Who else is excited about Beyonce's huge concert this weekend? Oh, there's a football game too, and the most anticipated VW ad ever to air! Com'n everyone, turn di frown di oddah way aroun, let's get happy! VW run di ad mon! Jamaica loves it! 

Thanks for reading everyone! PS. how cool is it that my 9 year old son Dylan proof read this post and came up with the title? #ProudMommy



  1. Another great post :) Btw You've been linked!!! Check out my weekly link love post. You've been featured!! http://as-told-by-nella.blogspot.com/2013/02/friday-link-love.html

  2. omg!!! u look amazing! u turn simple into elegant yet sexy! and that side part is working, it suits u...still anticipating the "dress down" suggestions

  3. i love it. you look great Ms. Natalia.


  4. Are you a real person or computer generated??
    This type of beauty does not exist in nature...so confused.

  5. Love the pictures!! You look gorgeous!! Love your top! You look good in green!!

  6. Lol, so wait volkswagen is now the official car of Jamaica? Cool, I can dig it. I should just paint the colors on my beetle and done. Cute outfit.

  7. so darling and a beautiful face, body errry gaad damn thang! in my texas accent! tanand