20 January 2013

Winner of Best Beauty and Fashion Blog 2012 : Jamaica Blog Awards

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.- Melody Beattie

Hi Everyone! 

You are reading the post of a first time winner of a Jamaica Blog Award! I won! I won! Best Beauty and Fashion Blog 2012. A couple months ago I flubbed my blog name on Live TV and didn't know how to tag links in a blog post. I have come a long way, and I have to say one little quote kept me going in my moments of frustration and momentary pangs of self doubt: 'I love the unknown and I'm not afraid of ridicule'; read that in a magazine awhile back and it has stuck with me.

I am so grateful to have been a finalist in such a highly competitive category.  I want to salute the creator and Director of the Jamaica Blog Awards (JBA), Corve Dacosta, who has given us bloggers a platform to launch our blogs and to gain publicity for our passions. He revealed many new developments for the JBA and I'm excited to be a part of this club. You can follow the progress of the JBA's by liking their fan page here for instant updates.

The Event was held at South Beach Cafe in Kingston and was hosted by the beautiful and ever fashionable Lauren Dunn from the Lauren O Lauren Show, she had some leggings on that were to die for!! and her bodddyyyy! Amazing! but, I digress. The event was also a live tweet up, which sadly I couldn't be apart of because I still don't have a smart phone! haha, and my ipad did not look good with my outfit :p

 A special congratulatory mention to some of the other nominees in my category, Exotic You and I were in dead heat in the online voting process, she had the lead but thanks to all my friends on facebook and twitter who helped to make Natalia Oh! take the lead in the end. 

Also, special mention to Carey-Lee Dixon the creative genius behind blogs  Exclusive UMPH and For Woman To Woman who has shown that in this competitive world there is room for class and chivalry by tweeting congratulations and cheerful support to so many other bloggers throughout the campaigning process. 

Now for the deets on the outfit!!!  can I just say how much I LOVED MY OUTFIT!!  I did! No mini skirt to tug at constantly and no need to suck in my belly, give it up to the peplum huh?!  I hope it lives on forever!

  • Black & White Jumper: bought at Tuscany Boutique in Mandeville; featuring the very trendy (but ever classic) black and white duo, and a high-low peplum, it truly was a statement piece. Unfortunately this jumper will not be there as Tuscany Boutique prides themselves for ONLY buying one of a kind pieces and will never have 2 of the same item; however they recently brought out new arrivals for the upcoming Jazz Festival weekend so you'll be sure to find something that is equally as unique. Visit them at their new, bigger and better location at 12 Ward Avenue Mandeville, or phone them 625-7093.  (I will update on the online option for the jumper soon)

  • The necklace and minaudiere: From Jeng Beng Mandeville 

  • Earrings: Bebe  

  • Shoes: Steve Madden (I seriously need some new shoes! :p) 

  • Hair and Nails : Just Imagine Day Spa (*ahem* who likes my new bangs?) Call Yvonne 867-6395 for this trendy look. 

  • On my Lips: MAC's lipstick: Pink Nouveau topped with their gloss Out For Glamour.

 What could be better than celebrating a great night with someone who has been one of my biggest supporters over the past year? Tess-Maria Leon, I met her when she was the PR Director for the Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant for 2012 and I have grown to admire and respect her on so many levels. A true darling who sees the best in everyone and seeks to motivate and inspire everyone she is in contact with. She is an amazing Public Relations Manager who goes above and beyond for her clients, you can find her on facebook here.

I know I look super grumpy here :p  but look at my make-up maynn!! (I did it too hehe) 

Last, but by no means least I want to say a huge thank you to my dear friend and the reason I'm posting this seemingly never-ending post today, Danielle Drummond! who forced me to start a blog and taught me everything I know and continues to share all her blogging tips. Please visit her blog Quaint Of Heart and check out her amazing photography skills. 

Well, that's it! I'm going now, have some DIY's I'm working on, and will be working on for the entire night tonight! O.o

PS, If you're in Jamaica, please buy the Gleaner tomorrow (Monday 21st) and check out the Flair Magazine! ..... You'll be glad you did! ;)

Thanks for reading!
Natalia Oh!


  1. Congrats again!!!!! So proud of you!!!! That Jumper is awesome if you ever get tied of it ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺I will be here to buy from you!!!! You look gorgeous!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your win Hun!

  3. Congrats again! I told you on the night but you may not remember. I really liked your outfit too. So hawt!!!

  4. Congratulations again darling! Spotted you on the evening, but gesh you move fast :)

    Love,love, love the outfit - gorgeous!

  5. You look absolutely stunning! Congrats on the award. And I will SO be using "I love the unknown and I am not afraid of ridicule."


  6. WOW WOW...congrats Natalia! You look absolutely stunning receiving your award! I love the outfit and how you styled it! Super glam! Congrats again and again...I will be a regular!

    We just revamped our site so hope you can go and visit us soon.

    Much love,


  7. Congrats girl. Keep up the good work.

  8. Your Blog is the Best!!! Keep posting your Great stuff :) Love your Blog :)

  9. Your outfit is gorgeous :) Love it. And many congratulations :)

    Serenity of Beauty

  10. CONGRATS again dear....your so deserving of this! tanand

  11. Congrats! I new to your blog but love you Ig post and they sent me here!