15 January 2013

Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On...

The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best out of everything that comes their way - unknown -

 Hi Everyone! just a quick outfit post today, hope everyone is having a great week so far, I haven't been able to stop by many blogs this week as I'm busy working on a new project and busy campaigning for votes for the Jamaica Blog Awards. *A-hem* You can help me out my casting your vote here. I will have some time to properly visit all the new blogs that I'm now following, such positive and whimsical bloggers, I will be sure to tag some of them here. 


Skirt: Nasty Gal // Cropped Tank: American Apparel // Blazer: H&M // Shoes: Aldo

Hair & Nails: Just Imagine Day Spa // Earrings: Pianegonda

This skirt I've had for nearly 2 years and I've never worn it because I never had the right belt; but thank goodness for this studded belt from ASOS I got a couple months ago, which has been my go-to belt lately. ASOS has a sale going on right now, up to 70% off and they ship worldwide, but a word of caution, resist the savings and DO NOT ship regular mail, I'm still waiting on something I ordered Boxing Day! hmppph

Oh! I I'm wearing MAC's lipstick in Morange it has finally grown on me.

Thank you all for reading and for the lovely comments you posted on the Jamaica Blog Awards voting page. I must say in this world of cruelty and meanness, your kindness keeps me going!  

 For those of you not on Instagram you can view my instagram page here and if you are, you can follow me @imajumaican .

Thanks again, and remember that the best accessory you can wear today is a smile :) #LearningToSmileInMyPhotosHasNotBeenEasy :p 

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Natalia Oh! 











  1. Replies
    1. Lol thanks Hun! I got a total ab workout holding in my belly!


  2. Your skirt is gorgeous! loving the whole look:)



  3. Oh my oh my. This is so fierce meets sexy.... Need I say more. I love it girl and you are fabulous !


  4. love the look! especially the accessories! great post!

  5. You look fabulous, I think your blog has been my favorite in the Beauty and Fashion category. Good luck.

  6. Love the outfit ,o mg
    You look so sexy :)

  7. Finally got the chance to visit your blog and you're beautiful. I'm so not the fashin diva so i love to get ideas from those of you who know fashion! Thanks for following, so will I!

  8. You are a very beautiful woman!

  9. :O That skirt! So amazing!
    Wow what a gorgeous outfit, you are seriously working it!
    Love your blog by the way, you're so stylish :)