17 January 2013

Hair Trends 2013

Hi Everyone!

I probably should have titled this post as a DIY, because this is such an easy way to stay on trend and wont cost you more than the cost of a few bobby pins. I've been noticing a few hair trends since the holiday season and with the past Golden Globe Awards Show it has confirmed my hunch that what the High Bun was for 2012, the Side Part will be for 2013. Watch out for it!

The sock bun is so last year; wear your ponytails low and with a side part. Throw out your rolled up socks and give your hairline some much needed rest!.... ahhhh.... I'm also loving the get out of bed look, reminiscent to a California fresh look. 

Here are some Google sourced images that have gained my interest, you can click here for some how-to steps to achieve some of these looks. 

Other hair trends to watch for 2013:

  • Bangs

  • Bob Cuts

  • 60's Hollywood Glamour

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who voted for me in the Jamaica Blog Awards this past week. What an exhausting campaigning process that was, I begged and begged daily! phew! lost a few twitter followers in the process I'm sure! lol Gotta say that I take my hat off to politicians and their volunteers who garner votes. I wish all my fellow nominees the best of luck on Saturday!

How cute is Kourtney Kardashian? I absolutely love her! 

Gotta go! Please leave a comment and tell me which hair trend you are most excited about.

Natalia Oh!


  1. I always wear the 2nd look when my hair is curly or straight. I LOVE how the look of effort less style is in. All great hair do's!

    1. Right! So much easier than the tight pull of a high bun, although I will miss the instant face lift that a high bun gave. ;).


  2. love this!! new follower from the hop. come see me sometime!!
    We Are The Tabbs

    1. Now following! Love the graphics on your blog!


  3. Hi Natalia! we tagged you in the One Love: Jamaican Bloggers tag that's going around see our blog youareexotic.blogspot.com for the rules.Love your blog btw.

  4. thanks for your lovely comment babe,,

    Stunning pictures and you're a true beauty yourself.

    Stay around,

    Kiss from Amsterdam