9 January 2013

DIY: Ring Box & More Storage Ideas

Hi Everyone! 

 This post is in continuation to my other post on getting organized that I shared here.
Get instant jewelry holders using everyday household items. Re-purpose items and get organized for the new year. It will be so much easier finding that perfect finishing piece when your jewelry is organized and in view. 

This Ring Box may be my personal favourite DIY ever! It is so easy and so very useful and practical. Rings need to be seen to be worn and be stored upright to protect the stones from chipping or other forms of damage. You will be amazed at how easy it is to do this and how useful it is. 

Choose a sturdy box that is not very deep, choose a box with a size big enough to hold your entire collection of rings. A gift box can be bought, or you can re-purpose an old perfume box or a tie box etc. 


Gift box 
Box cutter 
Use the marker and trace the shape of the gift box on the sponge.

Use the exacto knife and cut along the figure drawn.

 Trim excess off sides so that the sponge will fit in the box.
Place sponge in the box, making sure the sponge is not taller than the box. If it is, trim the bottom to make it fit according to height of box.

Use the exacto knife to cut small slits in the sponge. (Make sure not to cut too deep into the sponge) 

Push rings into slits.
Now your rings will be visible and protected, just slip the lid on for more protection and also for when traveling.

Re-purposing Household Items For Jewelry Storage:
Paper towel holder doubles as a bracelet holder. 


A cup holder doubles as a bracelet or an earring holder.
Old acrylic tip boxes serve as jewelry boxes and are great for traveling. 


* Tips *
  • Snack-size plastic zip top bags can be used to store jewelry for easy visibility, it is always better to store in clear containers so you can see the contents, and always keep away from direct light. 

  • To prevent tarnishing wipe jewelry with tissue paper to get rid of any oils or perfume that may have transferred during wear.

  • Do not store jewelry in areas with high levels of humidity, example a bathroom. 

  • Group jewelry by colour, type, or length.
  • Use an over-the-door shoe organizer with clear vinyl pockets to store costume jewelry in.  
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Thank you so very much for reading! I really should have split this post up, but I think I would like to move on to make-up storage now... What do you guys think? what is your favourite DIY that I have shared so far? or what would you like me to feature here? 
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  1. Love all of your ideas. I'm going to try a couple. Thanks!

  2. omg i love this!! You're inspired me, I have a million jewelmint boxes and not jewelry storage space left I will be doing this! You have an amazing ring collection by the way, mi wah teef

  3. Wow, such great ideas! I've never thought about creating a ring box. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Wonderful ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. beautiful post!!:):)Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria