8 January 2013

DIY: Jewelry Board

Hi Everyone!  
The new year is a great time to set new goals for ourselves, to make us better human beings. My personal guide for a better me in 2013 has many things, but  #2 on the list is to get more organized with my accessories, make-up, and clothes and it has since prompted this post. 

I normally store my costume jewelry in snack sized zip top bags to protect them from tarnishing and getting tangled, but then I thought why not display my beautiful pieces and store them at the same time?

With a few simple supplies and about 20 minutes of your time you too can transform an old frame to something unique and useful.


Old picture frame (without glass)  
Foam board 
Glue gun 
Push pins

Cut foam board to fit into frame. 
Measure and cut fabric to cover board overlapping on all sides.

Glue fabric down to board using hot glue gun.

Place covered board into frame.

Use push pins to fasten jewelry to board.

Hang on wall with attached fasteners.

Below are some other variations of DIY jewelry storage (web sourced). 

Great! you made it to the end! Well, the #1 thing on my Guide for a better me in 2013 is to keep up my daily devotions as the first thing I do before I get out of bed. 

A prayer, a scripture and some meditating before I get my day started. Which will lead to a daily post on twitter to motivate and inspire others. 

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Thanks for reading everyone!



  1. Oh Natalia, what a great idea. I need to do this one day, one day... thanks for sharing.


    1. It's super easy, I've seen them all over Pinterest and thought I could just keep my most beautiful pieces framed and store the others.


  2. Great minds think alike. This is how I store my jewellery!