30 January 2013

Back To Black

Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all, black says this :
‘I don’t bother you – you don’t bother me’.

– Yohi Yamamoto

Have you ever been stumped with what to wear while looking at a closet full of clothes? My first solution when this happens is to go back to black. The black pieces in my closet I've had for years and with black and white trends taking over the runways and streets, everyone can afford to be fashionable this season.
Black, a timeless classic is sometimes dismissed as a 'safe' colour - and, really, what's wrong with being safe? Absolutely nothing.

 Skater skirt : ASOS // Bodysuit : Old, try this // Leggings : old F21, buy now at Gap // Shoes: House of Styles, try this // 
Belt: DIY option here // Bag: Jeng Beng // On My Lips : Mac's : Rebel //


 Yorkali Walters

I wanted to say a big thank you to the photographer for this shoot, Yorkali Walters. A while back I noticed some photos of my beautiful friend Althea and her adorable son and fell in love with every shot. A few discussions later and I realized that Yorkali was the photographer for me, someone with a poetic eye and professionalism- can't beat that.  Please like his facebook fan page for updates.

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Natalia Oh

29 January 2013

DIY: Lace Front T-Shirt (Mint Green and Cobalt)

Hi Everyone! 
This DIY Lace T-shirt cost less than $4 ($400 JAD) to make and took a little over an hour because I used my hand to sew. It would be much quicker and neater if you used a sewing machine, the key is to cut neatly and use matching thread. Wear it with jeans, jeggings, a maxi skirt, with a work suit or with linen pants for a weekend get away.

I paired it with the cobalt blue jeggings for a bright contrast, and because it was the only pants that fit me now. :/


Round neck cotton T-shirt 
1 yard Stretch lace fabric in matching colour 
Needle and thread

Cut off sleeves of t-shirt, without cutting off seam. Cut open t-shirt sleeves to form as a pattern.

Pin the pattern on top of lace fabric then cut out fabric to form your sleeves.

Lay lace over front of t-shirt. Cut out and sew front on top of t-shirt (make sure to do this step before adding sleeves).

Finally, sew on lace sleeves.

(T-Shirt : Maxi's Department Store, Mandeville // Lace fabric: Ping's Fabrics, Mandeville )

 Jeggings : Shimmer // Shoes: Aldo // 
Necklace & Cardigan : F21 sweater here  and a better alternative to the necklace is here//

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Natalia Oh! 

28 January 2013

Mint Green and Ivory

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
Coco Chanel

Hi Everyone!

Remember back when I blogged about mint green (or seafoam) in September? I predicted on Instagram that it would be the colour to watch come Spring 2013. Well the fashion pros are putting this colour front and center and  in a category called 'Chalky Pastels' pretty fancy term, basically a pastel with a white base. I'm loving mint green because it is fresh and goes well with gold or silver accessories and it balances well with neutrals which will allow the palette to be clean and sophisticated; I'm also loving it with coral or neon peach as a contrast.

I love the damask texture in the leggings which is a tribute to the baroque trend, subtle but effective. I tied in the curves of the design with the delicacy of a silk ruffled camisole (gotta love Forever 21 for their affordable silks ;) 

Kept the nails nude and the make-up light so they wouldn't compete with the soft colours.

  • Necklace : BCBG, No longer available, try this. 
  •  On My Lips: Pink liner topped with MAC's gloss 'On The Scene' 

Here are some affordable pieces that will help you to incorprate this hot colour in your Spring/Summer wardrobe: 

Shopping Details:

  1 // 2 //3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 

I blogged this set 'Mint Me!' last September, it is still such a beautiful set, has anyone tried this or are you going to now?

Previously blogged here

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Natalia Oh! 

27 January 2013

DIY: Embellished Sequin Denim Vest

Hi Everyone! 

Those of you that have been following me for a while know how much trouble I had with these white pants blogged here, but I think I finally found the best way to wear them :) Let me know what you think. 

Embellished everything is all the rage right now, add some sequins to your vest or jacket to add some sparkle to everyday outfits, wear over a basic t-shirt and pair with jeggings, shorts, or skirts for an on-trend look. Here are some easy steps to update a vest, and the best part, you can remove it after you've had enough of it ;)


Sequin fabric
Denim vest (or jacket)
Needle and thread
Flat back gems
Glue gun

Cut fabric to fit on to the front of vest.

Sew fabric on to vest. Optional step, use fabric glue to glue ends of fabric to prevent fraying.
Use glue gun to affix gems on top of buttons for an added touch. 

Make it your own by sewing on decorative stones, pearls, studs, or buttons in the design of your choice. 


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Natalia Oh!  

DIY: No-Sew Peplum Belt

Hi Everyone! 

This peplum belt costed less than $5 ($500 JaD) to make and is an easy way to be stay on trend and not break the bank. Use it to update a pencil skirt, a fitted dress or even leggings; use your imagination and the possibilities are limitless.

 This project looks harder than it actually is, it will take about 40 minutes of your time but will have you reaching back for your high school math classes, however, if like me, you get bogged down by math, ask a math aficionado for a little help ;)


1 yard leatherette material (60" wide)
Satin ribbon
Glue gun
Measuring tape (or compass)
Pencil or tailor's chalk

Use an existing belt to measure your actual waist circumference. Lay the belt with your waist marked down on the reverse side of the fabric. 
Measure the diameter which is the line running across the circle.

After finding the diameter, divide it by 2 to find the radius. This becomes the centre of your circle

Use the compass and pencil to draw the circle, (I used a measuring tape as a guide because I did not have a compass).

After the first circle is drawn, use the same centre then add 7 inches to draw a bigger circle for the drop of the belt.

After cutting out the circle, cut out a pizza shaped figure to form as the belt opening.

Next, try on the belt and trim the excess fabric so that the belt sits on your true waist just at or above the belly button. Trim the belt to fit with little or no overlap.

Finally, glue ribbons on with the satin sides up and voila! you have yourself a one of a kind belt.


Sounds more complicated than it is. The safest thing to do, is to first make a template out of construction paper or unwanted fabric, then lay the template on the  leatherette before tracing and cutting


 Add a belt buckle at the front.
Add studs around the waist.
Try using burgundy leatherette to stay on point with the ox-blood colour trend, or keep it neutral with dark brown fabric and wear over khaki or navy skirts for the office.

ALL SUPPLIES from : Ping's Fabrics Mandeville

I got this idea from blogger Michele Leng, she used a formula that required using pi; you can visit her blog if you need more clarification on this project.

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Natalia Oh! 

24 January 2013

Between The Lines: Black & White

Hi Everyone, 

I was asked recently in an interview what my favourite fashion trend is of the season, but anyone who knows me, knows that I always temper my trends with classic pieces and never go full on head to toe in trends. I think it's always a mistake to go full on trends, as it looks staged and often times has already been done. I think we should focus on what flatters our bodies and go with it, I always say 'Comfort is key'. Anyway, back to my favourite trend right now, which is not really a trend but a timeless classic, black and white duo, may it be in bold stripes, polka dots, colour blocking, houndstooth or graphic prints. Black and white previously blogged here, has taken a resurgence thanks to the Spring/Summer 2013 collections of some designers like Marc Jacobs, Tibi, Oscar de la Renta, and Michael Kors to name a few.

This black and white sweater dress from Bebe 2 was gifted from my dear friend Jessica for Christmas; truthfully I was a little worried that the horizontal stripes would make me look wider, but little did I know that it would in contrast hide any (and by any I mean all) my flaws. I love the black panels on the side as they served as side contouring. I decided to take a try at mixing prints by adding the polka dot leggings which hugged and I think brought the look together.


I have so many plans for styling this dress, I can see myself waring it over a long maxi and tucked into some high waisted pants... possibly coming soon to a blog roll near you ;) 

Thanks for reading everyone!! Let me know if you are as excited about this trend classic duo as I am! ;) Have yourselves a great start to the weekend! 

Natalia Oh!