14 December 2012

She's Got Style! : Marica Mitchell

Hi everyone,

Wanted to introduce you to a new series I will be starting here: She's Got Style! and similarly He's Got Style! .
Here I will feature the style of my friends, followers and sometimes other bloggers. I figured that there are way too many other blogs featuring celebrity style so I decided to highlight our fashionable friends.

I am pleased to get this series kicked off in high gear with my friend Marica Mitchell. Marica has been an inspiration to myself and many others with her daily encouraging posts on facebook through journaling her weight loss journey and motivating us all when we needed it. She is also an inspirational mother and teacher who rocks the school hallways in trendy outfits and accessories to lust after.


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is simple, chic with a little edge.  I don’t overdo it with clothes, I use accessories to make a statement.  I love accessories and can’t leave home without them.

Who are your style icons?

My style icons are Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, Sanaa Lathan and Alicia Keys.

I took a flight with Michelle Obama when her husband was in Congress and admired the dress that she wore, I later learnt she was in Miami working on a legal case.  So I'm happy to say I've been following her style long before she became The First Lady.

I love Kerry Washington’s style, even though I am not a Scandal fanatic. She wears colors and mixed prints very well and she knows how to rock it with her stilettos.  I hated mixed print until I saw her last summer in a dress that was to die for.  I have been watching her style ever since.

Sanaa Lathan and I have the same body shape.  I fell in love with her style when she played a role in the movie 'The Best Man'.  She wears little to no accessories but when she does, it stands out with her

Alicia Keys is my most admired singer.  I love her clean look when she wears dresses or rompers.  She is my all time fashion icon especially when she wears her signature black dresses.  She never over does it with hair or make-up even when she is on the red carpet.  I started watching her style when she got rid of the cornrows.

When did you realize that you had a passion for fashion?

I realized I had a passion for fashion after my weight loss. It took losing over 40 pounds to find the new me. 

What is the one accessory that you must have?

My favorite accessory are pearls.  I absolutely cannot live without pearls.  I have them in every color, shape and size.

Inspirational Quotes: 

BE POSITIVE: Don’t let negativity get to you.  The inspirational post keeps me going. I will never forget a note someone tagged me in. Three Christmas ago, it got me through a rough moment in my life.  That was my daily read for a week.

BE CONFIDENT: Be comfortable in your skin.  Embrace the HIPS, BUTT and CURVES and instead of complaining, just work with it.

BE YOU: Don’t buy every trend that you see, create your own.  Work with what you have and mix and match with what you have.  If you can’t buy it, just make it.

I think after reading that we can all see why Marica is so admired, a very down to earth and positive woman, who is the epitome of the saying 'True Beauty lies Within'

In conclusion, I wanted to say that Marica's sense of style caught my eye when I notcied she had a keen eye for mixing her colours. I've seen her transform a simple outfit with the addition of a contrasting coloured satin ribbon tied around her waist. She also knows how to balance her accessories, she's a self proclaimed accessory junkie like myslef, and it is hard not to pile everything on at once; balancing jewelry is an art that she has mastered. 

In the photos posted above she chose rose gold accessories that compliment the red skater skirt, which she balanced with a leather obi belt and patterned tights for added texture. I would say this is very tastefully done. Wouldn't you agree?   Drop a line and tell her she looks amazing! 

(Also, if you guys know someone who should be featured in this series (including yourslef ;) please like my facebook fan page and tag me in their (or your) most stylish photos. 

Thanks for reading :) 



  1. Adorable skirt-beautiful shape!

  2. I love this new feature! Pretty AWESOME - she's got amazing accessories-styling too :)