10 December 2012

Sequins and a Simple Tee

 Sequin Leggings : Joe Fresh $10 (old)
 Blazer: H&M 
 T-Shirt: Forever 21 
Clutch: Steve Madden

Hi Everyone!

I wore this outfit to an opening of my friend's store Just Imagine Hair and Accessories Gallery on Friday night. If you're in Jamaica do check them out and like their facebook fan page for updates on new arrivals.

 I've had these navy leggings for a while and I have never worn them because I always felt they were unflattering, but I felt this festive season is the best time to wear all my sequins, so I slipped them on with a V- neck tee to tone down the sparkles and paired them with a cropped blazer to polish off the look. Black and blue worn together was once thought to be a taboo colour combination but, alas! no more. I think this colour combination offers a sophisticated palette and are both quite complimentary together.

The hairstyle was something I saw blogger Mikelah from Style and Vibes try the other day and told her that I was going to try it; It was a big risk and I must say it paid off as everyone gave me compliments all night, I think it's also a little throw back to Janelle Monae. 

I must say the lipstick I'm wearing 'Brave Red', a creme based lipstick is proving to be my favourite MAC red lately, a very close second to Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo will always be #1 because I find that it is a fresh and modern matte red, while Brave Red is more of a classic red; however Brave Red doesn't dry out the lips as much as Ruby Woo does, so it makes it more wearable.

So do you guys like the hair? Is anyone willing to try it? and does anyone even know the name of it or have any suggestions for what to call it? Drop a line ;)

Have a great week!! 



  1. Ok so I LOVE your hair!! LOVE the lipstick! And your ring game is on point!!! I want to buy every shade of red lipstick out there lol

  2. lol, Wait for meee Danielle! I'm right there with you buying all the red lipsticks ;) I definitely want that YSL one you blogged about ;)


  3. The hair is called vintage pompadour but there are different variations of it...I thought you said it was a fascinator? Either way it looks great on you! I really love it. I actually was thinking of trying this look for a Sat wedding.

    Something like this but not sure if I can do it. http://www.glamcheck.com/fashion/2012/05/26/hairstyle-how-to-vintage-pompadour-with-bun-fall-winter-2012/

  4. Thanks! KTRStyle to the rescue, I figured it was a pompadour, was just in too much of a rush posting to check... That style would look wicked on you girl! With your perfectly winged eyes ;;)

    Thanks for helping me out! Can't wait to see your post.


  5. Ohhh....I didn't even leave a bun at the back, lol I guess this is my interpretation, God knows I wouldn't have enough hair to make the bun and get the full effect in the front. Lol

    Thank KTRStyle.

  6. OMG that leggings is fabulous and the hair is so you. great job Natalia...you look amazing.


  7. I love the hair and the outfit too of course...but I've go to try the hair! tanand