29 December 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #22 :: Blue, Black & Leopard


Fedora and Sweater : F21 //  Tights: Mango (similar) // Scarf : Aldo // Shoes: Vince Camuto //

My second time entering a blog challenge, I'm super excited to be taking part in A Preponderance To Fashion's challenge this month. She challenged us to dress for the elements (wind, rain, snow, sleet etc) while going shopping with friends. I am grateful that we don't get a bitter cold winter in Jamaica, however, where I live in the mountains it is not uncommon to have to layer up during the winter, so this outfit would be perfect for some cooler temperatures. My sons and I went fruit shopping yesterday, to capture some of the essence of Jamaica, I hope that counts as shopping for extra points :D

I chose this outfit because of a couple reasons, I love the cobalt or electric blue in the sweater that I got at Forever 21 and secondly, I have actually worn this outfit in the sub-zero temperatures of Toronto while shopping, with the addition of a winter coat, a woolen hat, and insulated rider boots. 

Gotta say I love how things I've bought over the years still manage to be on trend. There is one basic principle I stick with while shopping at Forever 21, and it is that I never buy their prints, I only buy solids and I am very careful how I launder them. 

Hope everyone is as excited for the New Year as I am! I am truly grateful for the new beginnings that a New Year yields, and after reading so many blogs about resolutions, the one connecting thread I noticed was to 'set realistic small goals'.That's it. Don't stress yourselves out over huge goals, just take them one step at a time, little by little, as they say : 'How do you eat an elephant? .... One bite at a time.'

Well look at that! I'm actually beating the 3pm posting deadline! ;)

Thanks for reading xoxo

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27 December 2012

Emerald Green Maxi Skirt

Do small things with great love...


Maxi Skirt: Shimmer, Kingston
Sweater: Zara Boys (belonged to my son, but now it is ALL MINE ;) 
Belt: F21 (old $2) 
Choker: Gifted
Arm Swag: Cuff : Just Imagine /Zebra bangle: F21 / Charm Bracelet: Claire's
Watch: Micheal Kors
Shoes: Steve Madden  
On My Lips: MAC lipstick in Morange
Nails: DIY Emerald green glitter nails (soon to be posted) 


 Photos by: Ralph Livingston


I bought this dress over the summer and this time decided to wear the sweater over the top so I could wear it as a maxi skirt. I'm thinking of turning it to a skirt permanently and shortening the hem a little bit. I sometimes worry about hemming my clothes in fear that they will be too short and may cause my platform pumps  to peep under; which is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Shopping in the children's department is always a good idea to save money, and I think we can all agree that the children's department in Zara has some amazing pieces! Does anyone else shop in the children's department? or, like me, in their children's closets? ;)

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and celebrated with your loved ones, I had an amazing time with my loved ones, it was not that much fun being awakened at 4:30 am to open presents, but screams of 'YES! AweSoooome!! made up for it. 

Thank you for reading everyone, I hope this post inspires someone out there, send me some feedback below or find me on facebook and twitter

Have a great day! 







21 December 2012

Holiday Style: As Seen On Smile Jamaica: TVJ

 Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful

 - Norman Vincent Peale -


Hi Everyone, 
Sorry about the absence of posts, I've been very busy this past week working on some projects and getting ready for Christmas. I'm so excited that the weather is finally dropping in Jamaica and it will be pleasantly cool in the mountains of Manchester, I will be able to layer some sweaters and play dress up for the camera. 

I worked on some different holiday looks for a TV appearance I made on Smile Jamaica this morning, and I hope they inspire you.

Leather and Lace
Rock- Glam Chic

Peplum and Lace
Emerald Green

Pencil Skirt and Sequined Cropped Top
Sequins and Satin
Jewel Tones
Metalic Jeans

Chambray and Sequins


Just a reminder, if you have any suggestions for the types of outfits you like me to feature here please drop a line in the comments section, and if anyone is interested in personal styling services and/or personal shopping I can be contacted through my e-mail. 

So, which look is your favourite? My personal favourite is the lace top and leather shorts, I love  how the suede booties toughen up the look ;) Have a great day everyone and as always thanks for reading :)

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.   

-Janice Maeditere




18 December 2012

He's Got Style! : Lorenzo

“Everything I'm not makes me everything I am”-Kanye West


How would you describe your personal style?

I would definitely say my style is very eclectic. I love to draw inspirations that I find from a lot of designers, celebrities, and different street fashion that I enjoy. It can range from being very urban to very preppy to somewhat grunge.

Your style icons:

A huge style icon for me is Kanye West, I hate to sound like everyone else, but I admire him for the bold risks he takes. I enjoy Andre 3000 because of his color choices, Scott Disick because of the confidence he has in whatever he wears, and Jimi Hendrix for his free spirit.

When did you realize you had a passion for fashion?

I think I am still searching for that actual passion. Currently I  am just finding my own personal niche in fashion. My drive for it though started out in my second year in college when I realized I needed to give up my biology books for fashion books.

What is the one trend you wish would die/be over?

For guys I hate the whole walking around with non prescription glasses. I think we took that trend a little too far fellas.

For the ladies I am a bit tired of color blocking. I felt like it was one trend everyone could easily get a hold of and it started to become very over played.

What is your favorite accessory?

BRACELETS AND RINGS. Bracelets are easily obtained and could really make a man look more dressed up. In my opinion rings just add a bit of mystery.

14 December 2012

She's Got Style! : Marica Mitchell

Hi everyone,

Wanted to introduce you to a new series I will be starting here: She's Got Style! and similarly He's Got Style! .
Here I will feature the style of my friends, followers and sometimes other bloggers. I figured that there are way too many other blogs featuring celebrity style so I decided to highlight our fashionable friends.

I am pleased to get this series kicked off in high gear with my friend Marica Mitchell. Marica has been an inspiration to myself and many others with her daily encouraging posts on facebook through journaling her weight loss journey and motivating us all when we needed it. She is also an inspirational mother and teacher who rocks the school hallways in trendy outfits and accessories to lust after.

13 December 2012

Pink and Teal

"Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? no. Just as one can never learn how to paint" - Pablo Picasso

 Dress: ASOS // Shoes: Jessica Simpson // Bag & Earrings: Tuscany Boutique (similar)

I bought this jersey dress a couple of months ago on sale at ASOS, I loved the detail in the back of the dress and the flattering colour. A jersey dress in a popping colour makes a bold statement in the daytime with the right accessories. I wore heels with it this time to dress it up, but for a casual look I can see myself wearing a denim vest, flat sandals, hoop earrings and wooden bangles for a trip to the North Coast.

I'm still undecided what this colour is actually called, the closest definition I have is 'fandango' a sort of antiqued fuchsia.  Does anyone have any idea what this colour is actually called? Let me know...

Hope everyone is having a great day so far :)


11 December 2012

DIY: Studded Chambray Vest

"The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world."  - Alicia Keys -

 Here's the easiest way to get the trendy studded look using office supplies and craft felt.

Black felt
Brass top fasteners (office supplies)
Chalk or white pencil
Exacto knife (not pictured)
Needle and thread
Cut out felt in any design you like (I used an old shoulder pad as a template).
 Use chalk or white pencil to mark where you want your 'studs'.
Use exacto knife to pierce small holes on the design you marked.
Push fasteners in the holes and open.
After all the fasteners have been put on the felt, use scissors to cut off excess strips
 (as a precaution wear glasses during this step to protect eyes).
Line up the felt carefully on the vest and then sew on.

Not bad for office supplies and an old vest huh?
(the best part, it can be easily removed when you've had enough of the studded look )

Skirt: Costa Blanca// Bag: Aldo // Sunnies: Prada // Necklace: Mango// Lips: MAC's Rebel


 The vest featured was actually another DIY project I did months ago. A dark blue denim jacket was immersed in a bleach/water solution, I placed rocks in the pockets to weigh down the garment. After the desired colour was achieved, I washed the jacket and later removed the sleeves with scissors then used a needle to fray the edges gently. 
 This is a good way to upcycle a denim jacket that doesn't fit anymore; leaving the buttons undone and removing the sleeves actually makes a snug jacket a perfect vest.  

 Thanks for reading everyone! What are you most grateful for today? Today I'm most grateful for strong coffee... ;)