14 November 2012

Mixed Prints : Camo and Damask

Yup, another post on mixing prints, get used to it, this trend isn't going anywhere. I guess mixing prints will prove longevity because it makes a look appear effortless; not too 'matchy matchy'. I like it  because I find that it's a great way to mix 'rock and glam' or as shown here 'hard and soft'. 

Baby pink is a good accent colour to mix oxblood red with camo because it softens the palette. The rose knobs are a sweet surprise next to the camo and balances well next to the damask print in the scarf. 
This could be another look to accessorize with the popular studs and spikes, but I went with these accessories to soften the look. 

This set all began when I saw those pink oxfords, so classic and such an easy way to polish off an outfit. Oxfords are HUGE now and will still be on trend come Spring; however while that colour is gorgeous I would probably invest in a brown pair or classic black for wearability.

The metallic jeans in the set are very overpriced, however you can buy a similar one (here for $80). 

Mixed Prints : Camo and Damask

                                                       Happy Shopping! xoxo


  1. Can't wait to see you rocking this Yolanda! These colours look amazing on you! Plus u have most of these trends already! ;) tag me when you try it ;)