19 November 2012

Houndstooth & Peplum

Hi Everyone! 

The other night after trying to decide what to wear to a function and being stumped, I had to do what most of us do in life, call on a couple of my friends Petra and Jessica. I told them I had a houndstooth pencil skirt and I had to wear it. So while I was thinking of wearing a tank top with the skirt Petra suggested a peplum top and everyone agreed that it would definitely polish the look off. Houndstooth AKA dogstooth is such a classic check pattern that a peplum top worn with it, would complete the ladylike chic ensemble.

Black Peplum 'Top' : Forever 21
Skirt: ASOS (sold out) similar here
Belt: ASOS (sold out) similar here
Shoes: Bebe
Bag: Jeng Beng

The problem was I do not own a peplum top, but I do own a black peplum dress, so with a little imagination I decided to wear the dress and put the skirt over it. It actually worked! What a genius idea! I was grateful for the hugging features the dress offered under the skirt as it served as a built in spanx ;) Give it up for the peplum top, it's been trending for a while now and I hope this trend lives on forever as it is so forgiving to a woman's body. It's as if the peplum top is to the tummy, what the cardigan sweater is to the arms, offering cover and sophistication.  

Hair and Nails : Just Imagine Day Spa
 OPI's St. Petersburgundy topped with ESSIE red glitter
MAC's lip liner in Burgundy topped with Ruby Woo

Arm Swag:
Gold Spikes: ASOS
Zebra: Forever 21
Cross: Just Imagine Hair and Accessories
Here is the dress as I wore it a couple of months ago, with apparently no face powder! lol #shinemuch! 

So do you have any great styling tricks that you have used out of necessity? I would love to learn any new tricks from you guys as I continue to share mine here. 
I am grateful for my friends that I can bounce things off, what would we be if we didn't have friends that we can turn to? Today I leave you with one of my favourite quotes : 

"Each friend represents a world within us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." - Anais Nin

May you all be blessed with true and genuine friends. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. How creative are you!!!? Love the idea of wearing the peplum dress as a top and I love how that skirt huhs your beautiful sexy curves! Scrolling down, the peoplum dress herself is gorgeous and a classice beautiful little black dress that I'm sure you can wear for years! And your face doesnt look shiny! It glows! Btw where do you live, that backdrop with the sun setting is really gorgeous!

    xo- KT

  2. P.S. I love when you do outfit posts and how you write. It's so personable and I love the format of your blog now. :)

  3. I love the format of your blog too Natalie! Lol you look great, I want a peplum skirt just like that!

  4. uhhmm... for some reason I can't 'reply' to individual comments anymore. :( thank you everyone for the kind words... xoxo