30 November 2012

Skater Dress and Studs

Hi Everyone! 

Well, you can call me the Queen of procrastination no more! I've been posting like it's no body's business!! Whoot whoot! I want to take the time to thank my new subscribers, for taking the time to sign up to receive emails on my posts, I appreciate it. 

I wanted to share this new post of this outfit I wore the other day, an ivory skater dress which is a pretty big trend now, basically just a knee length A-line dress, which is also big in skirts too. The dress came with a mint green belt but I swapped it out for my black ASOS belt that I turned backwards so it would keep the front seamless. I chose strong and bold accessories so the dress wouldn't look light or summery, but more fitting for fall/winter.

I chose to do dark smokey eyes and kept the lips nude and sheer. I used a concealer on my lips to even out the colour then applied a nude sheer gloss by the very affordable ELF cosmetics. An alternative for the top bun is a top knot, I think it's much more fresh and is not yet overdone, simply pull your hair in a high ponytail then braid your hair and wrap in a pointy knot. Voila! :)


Dress: Shimmer Kingston (similar here) // Belt : ASOS // Shoes & Earrings: Bebe // Bag: F21 (old) // Bangle: Mango

Thanks for reading, and if you have any skater dresses or skirts that you have worn and styled, please tag me in your pictures on my facebook fan page as I would love to feature you here; (while you're at it, if you haven't 'liked' my fan page, please do! ;;)

 I'm also busy working on some new posts, and I'm putting up the tree this weekend and going a little DIY crazy with the Christmas home decor! ;) Would anyone like me to share those projects here?

In closing, I wanted to share the photo of  NYC police officer Larry DePrimo who made a huge difference in a homeless man's life the other day, by buying him a pair of shoes on an icy night. A random work of kindness caught on camera by a tourist, what a way to restore faith in humanity. 

I pray that we take the time to be make a positive difference in someone's life today. 

 "Change yourself, change the world." 
 - Birju Pandya -


29 November 2012

Keneea Linton S/S 2013 Collection : Lady in Red

Hi Everyone!

I had the privilege of being invited on Tuesday night to the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection for Keneea Linton titled 'Lady in Red'. Keneea has been a trailblazer in the fashion industry in Jamaica for years and her new collection has proven to be a bonafide hit with fans and critics.

The show began on schedule with music that made you feel like you were in some hip club in Ibiza, fittingly for the chic decor and ambiance. The decorators transformed the Courtleigh Auditorium using special lighting, rare and exquisite furnishings with accent pieces polishing off a modern Asian theme.

Keneea opened the show with the statuesque Althea Liang, Jamaica's very first international super model. Ms. Liang set the stage for a bevy of beauties who followed in timeless designs that had emphasis on cut, fit and attention to detail. Pencil dresses with leather trim at the shoulders were very well tailored and could easily be transformed from work to a dinner date. Her gowns featured plunging necklines with sequins, high low chiffon hem lines that would be beautiful for any holiday formal event. The collection proved to be very wearable, chic and polished; targeting a demographic of late twenties and up.  The show closed with the graceful Joan McDonald, Miss Jamaica World 1978, who proved that true beauty is timeless.

Here are some of the photos from the night, be kind, don't forget I am not a professional photographer ;)
Keneea Linton-George : Lady of the hour

Author and media personality: Sonjah Stanley Niaah  Culture Doctor

Singer D'Angel made my nephew  happy posing for this photo :)
Garfene Grandison : Lifestyle and Fashion Journalist Jamaica Gleaner
Attention to detail, loving the sequin tuxedo t-shirt

Tina Matalon (L) and friend.. Jamaica has some beautiful women. Amen.

How thrilling it was to meet these ladies the Belgian ambassador  Godelieve Van Den Bergh (L) and the Brazilian ambassador  Sylvia de Leoni-Ramos in the colour of the evening, along with their friend.


Loving the chambray denim, striped tie and the red pocket square accent colour.

The lovely Shaneen Hosey... She knows how to wear a gown! :)

Well, that's it! hope you guys enjoyed my little glimpse to that beautiful show, I'm sure Keneea will have professional photos posted soon, if you are interested in buying any of the pieces in the collection please contact her  here.

Thank you for reading :)

DIY: Flower Fascinator

Hi Everyone!

As promised here are the instructions to the fascinator in the challenge I posted yesterday. 

DIY: Flower Fascinators 


1/2 yard organza fabric (or chiffon) 
Brooch (or fancy button) 
Metal hair clip
Felt (closest colour to the organza)
Netting (optional)


Template: Marker, construction paper, ruler
Glue gun 
Needle and thread

Step 1: (template) 
Draw circles on paper with 4 varying diameters, making the biggest circle as big as you'd like the fascinator to be; use household objects for varying sizes. Use a ruler to draw 8 lines around the circle, making sure they start at the edge and go half way in to the middle. Use the scissors to cut out circles and then cut along the lines. 

Step 2: 
Fold the fabric in 2 then fold again, making 4 layers. Carefully pin the templates to the folded fabric and cut out the circles. Using the template as your guide cut along the lines to form the petals. You should now have 4 petals in each size, for a total of 16 petals. 

Step 3: 
Very carefully hold each fabric petal near the lighted candle, making sure never to let it touch the direct flame; the heat from the candle will curl the fabric. As a precaution keep a bowl of water nearby. 

Step 4:
After all the petals have been curled, stack them on each other starting from the largest to the smallest. Using the needle and thread sew in the middle of the flower to join the petals together. Sew the  decorative button or the rhinestone brooch in the middle of the flower.

Step 5: 
Using the glue gun affix the feathers on the back of the flower in any pattern you like. 
Cut the felt in a small circle then glue on to the back to cover any messy work and to form a base to attach the metal hair clip. Use the glue gun to attach the clip to the felt.

Optional steps : 

* Add netting to one side of your fascinator before you add the felt to form a veil for   added drama. 

* Attach the fascinator to a  headband or ribbon instead of the clip for a more secure hold to the head. 

(Note: the photo above shows a flower made with 8 petals)

Unfortunately I did not take a photo of the step when I was curling the petals, maybe I will take some and edit this post at a later time. If you have any questions about the steps please leave them in the comments below. 

Thank you all for reading my blog and I'm hoping that this will inspire you to make your own fascinator, I would definitely choose a red or burgundy for the festive season to add pizazz to any outfit.