5 October 2012

What I Wore :: Mixed Metals

Hi Everyone! 

So yesterday I wore a black mini with faux leather trim that I've had over a year ago, from Winners for $20. Gotta love when you buy something a year ago and it's still on trend :)  
I paired it with a white oxford shirt from Gap so it would allow my beautiful statement necklace to be featured.  
I went with my trusted, Steve Madden nude pumps to complete the look.

Mixed Metals 
Have you ever felt that as soon as you learn a 'rule' of dressing, they throw it away? I know do. Gone are the days when we had to wear only gold or only silver jewelry. Mixing up your jewelry is the new trend to follow. Wear gold earrings with silver bracelets or mix them and stack them.

 This is easy for everyone to try as it shows an effortless way of dressing; as we women know how much effort it takes to get an 'effortless look'. ;)
Below I'm showing pieces that make this mixed metals trend easier for anyone to execute.

If you are interested in my look above, here are some pieces and their links that I selected so you can get a similar look. Happy Shopping!

 Get The Look

Yves saint laurent lipstick

Thank you all for reading! Do you normally wear matching jewelry? and if so how do you feel about this new trend? Please share your comments below


  1. I love what you wrote: "as you know it takes a lot of effort to look effortless." So true! Love the classy yet sexy ensemble. I agree when you think you got something down, fashion throws it all away, but what's great is it's all recycle and will come back around again! Hope you're having a great day!:)


  2. Very chic! love it! and I cant seem to follow your blog by email subscription! dont know why?

    xoxo Ty