21 September 2012

DIY :: Peter-Pan Collar Necklace

Hi everyone!
I was asked by Smile Jamaica to demonstrate a  DIY statement necklace; I chose to show the popular and very trendy peter-pan collar necklace. This is an easy way to update any look; add to a denim shirt, a lace or sheer blouse, a round neck t-shirt or a classic cocktail dress and you will transform your outfit to something on trend on a very low budget.


White Felt
Peter-Pan collar template (made out of cereal box) 
Craft pearls (2 small packs used here) 
Off-white satin ribbon 
Glue gun 
Needle and thread

 Draw template on a cereal box making sure that it will fit around your neck, use an existing necklace as a guide for the neck circumference. 
Trace template on felt using pencil. Cut out figure using sharp scissors.

Using the glue gun carefully attach the pearls to the felt cut out. 
* Note * start from outer edges and work toward the middle making sure to get a straight line around the edges. Also make sure to glue pearls with holes facing sideways so the holes won't show after glued. Be very careful with hot glue and be very, very, very patient! this step is very time consuming and can will test your patience level... lol

 After the pearls have been glued if there are any holes glue smaller pearls to fill the gaps. Attach the ribbons to the collar by sewing them on to the back of the felt as the pearls will make the necklace a little heavy.

* Optional step * Using the glue gun affix white lace trim to the back of the felt leaving some over which will hide any imperfections around the edges.

Finished Product 

Below is a behind-the-scenes photo of myself and Kim Issa Sherlock, President of the BLOOM Foundation for Education wearing one of the samples.

This is such an affordable way to update a look and a great idea for moms with old enough daughters to bond over a crafting session. Search through old broken accessories and use stones and gems to increase the glam effect. I even used a Christmas tree ornament and took it apart to get stones from it. The general idea is to use what you have to reinvent and add new life to unused items. Designs can be created using vintage buttons with rhinestones and sequins that will add sparkle and brighten up any outfit :)  Have fun crafting! and if and when you attempt this DIY please be so kind and post a comment here :)  

here's the link to my first live TV appearance- be kind! :p Smile Jamaica TVJ

Thanks for reading my blog, 
Natalia Oh! 


  1. You're so creative nat, I don't have the patience for these things lol it looks great and congrats on smile Jamaica!

  2. Very pretty, you make it seem easy. Lol, congrats!!

  3. Love it. The end product looked great.

  4. I just Love it! gotta try this myself. :)

  5. Easy, Simple but packs a more sophisticated result.
    Looking forward to more ideas like these.

  6. did the pearls fall?I did a similar one with sequins and they do seem to fall easily

  7. i love love love this DIY! I will definitely have to try this out ASAP!! thank you for the amazing idea. love following your site and can't wait to see more of your posts!
    xo courtney

  8. Thanks for sharing your very educational tutorial. I will be making these as gifts for my granddaughters and daughters as well as a few friends. But first I will be making one for myself since I have seen them for two hundred dollars and you make it look easy !

  9. What size are the pearls? 2mm 3mm?