24 September 2012

I've Fallen For You

 Have you ever felt overwhelmed when trying to decide which pieces to buy for a new season? I know I do, and whenever you head to the malls or online you get confused and end up buying everything that looks good in the store or a good deal and then end up with a bunch of stuff that don't all go together? #guilty

Well, I have scoured the magazines, blogs, websites and-  well, not really scoured, I glanced through them; I mean who has time to read anymore?! I swear there just isn't enough time in each day for everything! ugh! Like I was saying, I glanced through some magazines and did some research and came up with what I think are the best buys for the season. I left out a few trends because there are so many right now and again there's that time thing! But take a look at these and enjoy your fall shopping. For those of you who have been following my blog - Thank you!! :) - I'm sorry but you may notice that I already covered some of these trends already, but bear with me, they are worth the repeat! 
Fall Must Haves:
  • 1 : Animal Motif Sweaters or T-shirts :: These are on trend now and will no doubt have a short life span, so make sure not to spend too much money on these. I personally like anything with a picture of an owl which they say symbolizes wisdom, mystery and transition, (fittingly for fall). Thank goodness animal motif is now in because I was never and will never be into anything that has to do with skulls. :/


  • 2: Chambray  :: Denim was huge for summer, will be bigger for fall/winter and will also be trending in the Spring as shown by Philip Lim, Tibi and others on the runways. This is a definite 'Go Buy Now'- or, you could just follow my DIY chambray shirt post! *plug plug* :)  Chambray goes with everything, from daytime casual to a fresh take on evening chic- it's timeless and should be a definite staple in your closet. 


  • 3: Anything Fringed:: Clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories take this trend on with frayed gusto! This is the most fashion forward trend as it is not yet over saturated. Rummage through your closet and wear your fringed items, you know you have them! I will be doing a follow-up post on this trend- so please stay tuned. 


  • 4: Berry Stained Lips :: When all else fails, turn to your make-up and nails. Those are by far the easiest and most affordable ways to update your look. I've mentioned before on Instagram that I prefer to buy lip liners and add a dab of sheer nude gloss in the middle of my lips in lieu of lipsticks in an effort to reign in the make-up budget. However if I had to recommend a berry lipstick it would be 'Hang Up' by MAC Cosmetics which is comparable to Chanel's Vamp but at a fraction of the cost. 

  • 5: Structured Bags/ Doctor Bags :: Structured bags are among the many fall 'it' bags. In this set I chose one in one of the must have colours of the season Ox-Blood Red. Michael Kors is a reliable house for excellent quality bags at a wide range of prices... don't get me started on his watches! I love 'em all! 


  • 6: Pencil Skirt :: I already posted on pencil skirts however in the first set I'm showing a skirt in another sweeping trend leather. There is something empowering about wearing a pencil skirt; when you wear one it adds confidence, makes you look taller, thinner and polished. What's not to love?! make it a leather skirt and you my dear will have yourself a head turner! Be very very careful with this one! muy caliete! *handle with caution*


  • 7: Ankle Strap Shoes :: When a top blogger tweets about ankle strap pumps we mere followers take note! Enter, funky Mary Janes and classic T-Strap pumps. As someone who relies heavily on 6 " platforms I must admit that I am grateful for ankle straps as they offer much support and completes a ladylike chic look. Choose nude or grey ankle strapped shoes if you want your legs to look longer. A black ankle strap can cut your leg in the wrong place and make it appear to look shorter than it actually is.


    So that's it :) My personal favourites for fall. PS... I know I write a lot, my friend Quaint of Heart would tell me to edit this post and make it shorter but I can't take beautiful photos like she does, so I have to write dang it! and hey- this isn't twitter, thank goodness, so I can exceed 150!! :)

    Thank you for reading, and don't worry no more fall posts from me. Incidentally if there is anything that you would like me to feature here please let me know in the handy dandy comments box below ;)
    Natalia Oh!

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21 September 2012

DIY :: Peter-Pan Collar Necklace

Hi everyone!
I was asked by Smile Jamaica to demonstrate a  DIY statement necklace; I chose to show the popular and very trendy peter-pan collar necklace. This is an easy way to update any look; add to a denim shirt, a lace or sheer blouse, a round neck t-shirt or a classic cocktail dress and you will transform your outfit to something on trend on a very low budget.


White Felt
Peter-Pan collar template (made out of cereal box) 
Craft pearls (2 small packs used here) 
Off-white satin ribbon 
Glue gun 
Needle and thread

 Draw template on a cereal box making sure that it will fit around your neck, use an existing necklace as a guide for the neck circumference. 
Trace template on felt using pencil. Cut out figure using sharp scissors.

Using the glue gun carefully attach the pearls to the felt cut out. 
* Note * start from outer edges and work toward the middle making sure to get a straight line around the edges. Also make sure to glue pearls with holes facing sideways so the holes won't show after glued. Be very careful with hot glue and be very, very, very patient! this step is very time consuming and can will test your patience level... lol

 After the pearls have been glued if there are any holes glue smaller pearls to fill the gaps. Attach the ribbons to the collar by sewing them on to the back of the felt as the pearls will make the necklace a little heavy.

* Optional step * Using the glue gun affix white lace trim to the back of the felt leaving some over which will hide any imperfections around the edges.

Finished Product 

Below is a behind-the-scenes photo of myself and Kim Issa Sherlock, President of the BLOOM Foundation for Education wearing one of the samples.

This is such an affordable way to update a look and a great idea for moms with old enough daughters to bond over a crafting session. Search through old broken accessories and use stones and gems to increase the glam effect. I even used a Christmas tree ornament and took it apart to get stones from it. The general idea is to use what you have to reinvent and add new life to unused items. Designs can be created using vintage buttons with rhinestones and sequins that will add sparkle and brighten up any outfit :)  Have fun crafting! and if and when you attempt this DIY please be so kind and post a comment here :)  

here's the link to my first live TV appearance- be kind! :p Smile Jamaica TVJ

Thanks for reading my blog, 
Natalia Oh! 

18 September 2012

Spiked LBD

 "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress"- 

Karl Lagerfield


Hi everyone! Here is my take on a classic little black dress and how we can attempt trends without going overboard.

Below is a little place we go for very good curried goat in Mandeville right before you get to Spur Tree Hill.

Black dress : Tuscanny Boutique - Mandeville, Jamaica-- similar (here) Shoes: Steve Madden - Purse: Mango Vintage Special Edition- Leather cuff: A/X - Zebra bangle : Forever 21 - Earrings: Bebe -

Photographer : Brian Lewis 
Stylist : Natalia Oh
Hair and Nails : Just Imagine - Mandeville

I will be posting some DIY projects soon, I'm very excited to show you all what I've been working on, and also very tired :( so many projects but so little time... BTW, I make my first Live TV appearance tomorrow morning Wed Sept 19th on Smile Jamaica TVJ- be sure to tune in!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Please be so kind to share my page or post a comment if this has inspired you.
Natalia Oh!

11 September 2012

Mixed Prints

Time To Party!

Mint Me!

Mint Me!

Retro blazer

Thakoon addition

Marni horn jewelry

Antique watch

1 September 2012

Pencil Me : In!

The Pencil Skirt :

A skirt that makes me look taller and slimmer? Sign me up! 

The pencil skirt is a fitted skirt with a hemline at or just above the knees which makes it very sophisticated, chic and timeless. Wear with heels, heeled boots, booties, or strappy sandals for a polished look; or, choose flats or oxfords for a chic preppy look. I would stay clear of wedges, athletic shoes and military boots with this cut.

A bold statement skirt would be one in cherry red, or the trendy ox-blood red. Wear with denim, light sweaters, sequins, tanks, blazers, lace, cropped tops, or peplum tops and you'll be right on point.
Work to Play

This set shows the versatility of the pencil skirt and  how it can be transitioned from work to dinner with a few changes. Kept the earrings long and delicate for the evening , paired with strappy heels and it completes the ladylike chic ensemble. 

An affordable lace pencil skirt for $30 is available here: Forever 21.

Darker colours and micro prints are instantly slimming, both features in one skirt available here (Mango)

Pencil skirt hounds-tooth

A red pencil skirt from Zara showing another fall trend the 'fluted hem'. Buy it here ($90)

A leopard pencil skirt can be worn with a leather top, ankle boots and trendy stud accessories for a rock-glam look. Buy one for $60 (here)

I have a few pencil skirts in my closet so luckily I won't have to buy any new ones. This is a timeless trend because it is so flattering, it is worth the investment if you don't own any pieces.
Thanks for stopping by!

Natalia Oh!
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