27 August 2012


Barocco: It's not politics it's fashion.

 'These gems have life in them: their colour speak, say what words fail of ' - George Eliot


From the root word: Barocco.

Talk about exuberance, grandeur and drama, here are some pieces that will transcend seasons, trends and are worth the investment. Wear with anything damask or velvet to complete the baroque trend or dress up denim and a tank. 

Brooches are really hot again when grouped and placed on the side of a denim blazer/jacket/vest or worn on hats for the fall... get all your jewelry out and layer them, stack them, pin them and embrace this trend.

This would be a great time to hit good thrift shops in your area to scour for brooches and clip on earrings. Make sure to visit shops on the outskirts of big towns and if possible support your local goodwill, churches and local charities. Remember the three R's in thrifting: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, which leads to my favourite: Redesign ;)

PS... I will be doing a follow up post on Baroque, the downside of if this trend is that if done incorrectly it can actually age you! yikes!! ... TBC

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