28 August 2012

She Reigns Supreme

denim and damask...
The Baroque trend is very opulent, regal and dramatic; think strong queen than fair princess.

Damask, brocade, embroidery, velvet, lace, and even foil fabrics are harmonized in jewel tones, rich blacks and anchored by over the top jewelry and embellishments. This trend will transition into winter for the holiday season and will be here for spring/summer 2013 so get familiar with it.

 The problem with this trend is if not done correctly it can actually 'age' someone, like me, who is *ahem* over 30.The solution? Mix it up ;) Don't go head to toe in damask or velvet. Balance the look by going demure in one area then increasing the sex appeal in another; actually this is a fundamental style principle if you ask me ;)

Thanks to my friend Petra for introducing me to the website where I saw the skirt that is featured, she's a true style icon.

Thanks for reading everyone! ya'll come back now!

Natalia Oh!

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  1. I just want to say I love this entire outfit that you put together! I would totally wear the whole entire thing and that clutch is delicious I can bite it lol. Actually I like all of the outfits that you have been putting together! Can you be my stylish? :)

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog...I was also new to blogging 8 months ago so I know how it feels. Not any expert by any means but if you need any help whatsoever, or have any questions that I can help with, don't hesitate to let me know! :) Looking forward to seeing your pretty face rocking these stylish outfits! xo